1.06 classic advise please?


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1.06 classic advise please?

My first ever character was a paladin, i finished off normal diablo with him, then shortly after upgraded to the expansion and 1.10 with new characters, though i had saved him elsewhere when i upgraded. Tonight I installed 1.06 classic and opened my old paladin. 1.06 classic seems so odd now, so if anyone out there knows any tips, i would appreciate it. I guess i feel like playing some classic, maybe even find a SOJ.

So here a are the questions:

Atma is out right?
When you gamble, must you leave town to get a new selection?
players8 is out?
Any tips in general? Im playing a paladin that has skills strewn everywhere...

Ok, all i can think of.


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-Yes. Atma is out for v1.06.

-Not sure on the gambling. it would be easy to check in game though. Remember the rules of gambling in classic with the three unique rings. if you gamble for rings, if you have a nagel and manald in your back pack/equipped then you have a pretty good chance of gambling a soj.

-yes. No players 8 settings.

-Paladins where a lot different in classic. Fanatism is pretty much out as all it does is ias. The ed was added to fanatism in Lod. Zealots used concentration and only avengers used fanatism. Switch to conviction and get that aura to stick, then swap to fanatism for speed. It was a tedious way to play though.


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When gambling, you must leave town to get a new selection of items. Besides, if you're gambling for unique rings (and you'll do that often if you want a SoJ), you'll notice pretty soon that there's no fixed ring and amulet option, as in 1.10, that was added later, so gambling will take a while. If my memory serves me right, though, there's a 3% chance of gambling an unique, so getting a SoJ is quite feasible with time

About your paladin, it depends on the build you feel like playing, I guess. In classic 1.06, the most dominant paladin build by far was the hammerdin, and since you only need to max concentration and blessed hammer for it to work, you might still reconvert your paladin to make him a killing machine. As Asmo suggested, flashing holy freeze is always a good idea, and will make your life easier. If you'd rather play a melee character, though, remember that zeal isn't capped at five hits, don't max it because you'll become a sitting duck with a 20 hit zeal going on...

For some more specific info, here are a couple links for you, they might come handy:

Imbue and gamble guide
Balancedin guide

Good luck with 1.06 :)


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SoJs are very easy to gamble in 1.06. I picked up over a dozen of them.

Yes, you have to leave town to reset the gambling window, which is quite annoying. Your best bet if you want to gamble a lot of rings for a SoJ is to gamble in act 2 or act 4 where the walk to the waypoint is the shortest.

Also, don't forget that to gamble a SoJ, you must already have a manald heal and a nagelring, and once you have one SoJ, you will have to mule it off before you can gamble more.

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Re: 1.06 classic advise please?

well this version doesnt work with 1.06, thatswhy i asked hehe

so if anyone got a link to a muleprogram for 1.06, u r welcome to post it :)


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Re: 1.06 classic advise please?

there is jamella but i dont think its allowed here..


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Re: 1.06 classic advise please?

I don't know of any muling programs that work with 1.06- I used local network games and had mule characters to move items around. It was a hassle, of course, particularly since the stash was so small, but I think that was the only option. And it led to imaginatively named characters like "AngelicHsarus" It really makes you appreciate the modern world of GoMule/ATMA.

As far as gambling SoJs quickly, a good method is to open a cow portal next to Gheed in Act 1 so that you can change the gambled item screen quickly by popping through and then popping back.