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Since whirling through NM with a plain Pike didn't sound amusing to me, I decided to get one rare with the 5x durability from Cows.

Luckily I had already found The Tannr Gorerod from a random map that wasn't worth running when I got my first rare:
Yeah, that will do!

I did keep that map for a while but Pikes weren't that frequent, and I noticed that the next ones were 25 dura. Do I have to mule this away and keep only the Gorerod on (or in stash) when trying 5x dura Pikes again?

Next stop: maybe NM RoF and levels, or straight to NM Cows.


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No need to mule anything off; the way you tell a unique drop from a rare one is the amount of items. If it's plain rare, then only one rare will drop along with the low tier magic item and stamina pots which always drop. If it is a unique, then there will be a unique amongst the drops, or exactly five rares. Superior Great Pilum counts as a rare in this case, as that is the highest quality it can drop with.

Great weapon, it should help maintaining full mana pretty easy, and allow you great freedom for rings and amulet.


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So i moved my 2 chars (yes still only 2) past andariel! The barb is my main char now and that made things a lot easier! Andy was short work after slivvering her down to nothing! Sorc = 13 Barb = 15 on his way to the cube. I didnt put any definte points into the chars yet however i am thinking of going frenzy instead of WW (i like frenzy a lot better) 2 chars in a2 normal. Nothing noteworthy of finds other than a savage spear class thing which boosted my damage somewhat!


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Just clear the entryway to each area and move up the other character. No need to be close to get exp like in 1.10+ you know. Just a precaution so that you don't lag too far behind with the least used character.


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it is more that 640x480 in a windowed version which i cannot make "full screen" is a really small screen to play on :)


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however i am thinking of going frenzy instead of WW (i like frenzy a lot better)
Pretty sure Frenzy doesn't have any damage added in early patches. My first barb was a Frenzy barb and he was unplayable past normal/NM


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@helvete that makes sense, thanks for clearing that. It is a nice weapon indeed, and I feel really lucky to have got that so fast. Smashing through NM (until RoF WP) yesterday with it was a piece of cake.

I'll take a break from 1.00 now, before I forget all about what I was supposed to do in 1.13. But this has already been very nice change of pace, and even a little of a challenge to make it through norm with a spear barb alone doing the job. Now he's mowing things left and right and that is quite a sight also, I very much recommend @BKC that you try WW, it is something one should not miss when playing 1.00! :p

I'll be back. I'm really looking for to hunting all those great rares.


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So a small write up to get my progress going. I boosted both the sorc as the barbarian to the canyon on of the magi, i did do two maggot lair runs for some extra experience. The barb is now 20 and the sorc is level 19 (hurray for glacial spike!). and i did some maggot young farming in canyon (that actually makes sense experience wise!) however i do not see myself farming to level 27ish this way (that is way too slow).

Noteable finds:
Iratha gloves
Cathan's chain mail (body armor)
very nice blue belt with +27 life +28 mana (shopped that from farsi(what is that female character/bs called in a2?))
21% Cold resist and 24% MF gloves (like these too!)

I am going to get some more levels on the sorc before moving on too duriel (at least grind till 24) but after that i hope the experience gains will pick up. (putting more chars in game helps and i miss the /player command)


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I gambled some quite nice rares during my Act III, worth a try with all your extra cash


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I've just installed 1.00, and am thinking about trying a Bowazon, but I can't find any build guides. I guess trying something on feel would be fun, but sure sucks if you reach Hell with an unwiable build. And not many people seem to play Bowas on 1.00. Why?

I played Barb (not WW though, Frenzy IIRC) 1.00 for the first time, when It came out, so maybe that would be fun. But I just never played Bowas before, so thought It would be fun to try 1.00

And, how do you guys run it? Just (tiny'ish) windowed mode?


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i use the full screen mode, i cannot stand the small windows, so my mules/leechers in small windows and my main char playable in full screen :)

edit: about bowazon there was something about it... check the time travellers guide helvete made (its in the first post)


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@helvete mentioned in the Timetravellers guide that %ED for Bows does not work properly.
However, I am not sure if anyone has tested a CB setup at all and no one have the effect of KB and slow effect for Cleglow's Pincers. Getting a decent damage bow is not that easy. I have seen few rare long War Bows drop from the Normal CK with max of 68, but I have not seen many rare Exceptional bows . I guess NM is the best option for gothic bows or cedar bows.

I prefer windowed mode mainly across I like to self multiplay and it means you can switch between characters screens. The native 640 x 480 screen setup as the only option can be dangerous with a character with low life as the dangerous extra fast mobs swam quickly and ranged monsters abyss K, OKs can shoot you from a long way of the screen. Maybe decoy can counter that danger


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@BKC I have also just started!

I'd also like to know what would you 1.00 pros advice for the final skill and stat distribution for a sorc. Static, warmth and little Glacial Spike is going to be useful early on I think, and Frozen Orb is going to be maxed but what else, and how it should look when the build is little higher of level? What final stats to shoot for? (depends on exact build I guess, but about vita/enery levels at least. Same for Barb, do I need more STR/DEX than Pike needs or just Vita from there on (if I can take care of the energy needs of WW with let's say Frosties and enough leech?)
Well I am not pro but I will share my experience with sorcs. I started with 8 characters as mentioned in @helvete s TT guide and 5 of them are sorcs. 3 Cold, and 2 experiments 1 Nova SF warmth ES and 1 Enchant and Hydra SF and ES build

With the Cold sorcs as the serious builds I have those at lvl 60+ in Act 2 Hell leveling using self multiplay. I am using Blizzard, Orb and SF for 2 of these which I find is effective against most monsters then the straight orb SF sorc. I find blizzard is good for smashing maggots and generally good against melee monsters because it can be stacked using FCR and the blizzard duration is skill lvl + 3 in seconds in 1.00. So I stack between 4 to 8 blizzards then static to reduce the hit points then tele around and in the blizzard to watch them croke it. You can then find more monsters draw then towards the blizzards and stack some more bllzzards. The one drawback. It is difficult to see what is in and coming through the blizzard to attack you. I found orb annoying to use against maggots because the shards seem to often miss the small maggots at closer range and if the glitched orbs passes over a monster it also does nothing. If the SF AoE is too large, she cant effectively maggot because your static range destroys the adult maggots off the screen also. However, orb is a must against ranged monsters, especially OKs and Abyss Ks. So my planned end game build is Blizzard and Orb 20, SF and warmth 15 , cold mastery 10 (-70%) and ES and LM 1. If i get +1 or +2 skills in gear that build should work With the stats it can be gear dependent. I pumped more into Vit and less to energy because I found gear with +Mana, planning about 650 - 700 life and whatever manas that gives

With the Barb, try to find rings and amulet with +mana to ampify the frostburn +% mana effect. I used a Wyrms Amulet of the leech, a blue amulet. This was extremely effective until I found a 10% DTM, 5% LL, +37 mana and +Fire res Rare Amulet. I still have the blue amulet. I also followed Helvete's guide on to getting enough vit until you can get about 2K+ life after BO because it is easy to get smashed by a mana burn pack if your WW gets interrupted. I think with a Spear Dex creates %ED as well as AR so my plan to put a few stats into Dex and just STR for gear. I hope that helps

Correction; That Dex calc is for Amazon Spears only at 0.5 * Dex / 100 from a 13 year doc in 1.10, not all Spears, Darn these complex calcs.
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Many weapons, among them bows, have a "hidden" 1h damage of 1-1 or at least really low for some reason. %Enhanced Damage will enhance this value instead of the 2h value. You'll see it if you look at a 2h sword with a barb before you ID it. 1h damage updates as expected, but then the exact same numbers are added to the 2h damage.

There are also some display issues to make things more complicated. I'm no code digger, unfortunately, but some weapons will display damage they don't really have.

However, there aren't any weapon damage penalties for zons like there are in later patches. This helps a bit. But getting damage high enough to be effective in hell is very challenging.


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Thanks for explaining the weapon glitch problem @helvete

@BKC, @T27on1 and @Grape I know you have recently started and are going well
I found it slow going before hitting lows 30 with my crew and it was just keep grinding running areas for experience until I found a stick and leech and mana items for the Barbs and some decent rares and an SoJ, frostburns and a Tarn Helm and some Pdiamonds for shield for the Sorc
A lot of hard slog started in late Jan and but mainly through early Feb and into March when taking the main characters through leveling and questing. I also tried to keep their levels around the same so we progressed and could be levelled together in the one area which probably slowed me further.

I am some way progressing my 1.00 octivate to. 8 main characters, 2 Barbs, 5 Sorcs and a Necro all around lvl 60 and several mules/support characters, all amazons who are L1-3 except as mentioned. The 8 main character started Hell difficulty on the weekend and I plowed them to Canyon of Magi "rushing" with the Barbs.

The WW Barbs specialise in Polearms and Spear Mastery and have 8 WW, Max Mastery, close to maxing BO, bet 8- 12 pts NatRes and 1 pt wonders except increased speed

2 Sorcs - Orb/Blizz - Orb and Blizz 13 will max , 15 warmth 13 SF get it to 15, 1 ES and LM - Like the play style better than the pure Orber
1 Sorc - pure Orber, Max Orb 15 CM, 10 Warmth, 12 Static 1 ES May send her to 1.07 in the future
1 Nova - Max Nova and Warmth, 3 LM, 15 SF and ES 1- She is ok through NM,
1 Enchantess/Hydra, Max Enchant and FM,10+ Warmth, 15 SF, 1 ES, 1 Hydra next skill to Max - She is just a support character for new characters, enchant being useful for only Normal Act 1 with RavenClaw

and the Necro - 16CE(20 after + skills and + wand autostaff mod), 3 BSpirit, 1 BG, 5 GM, 1 SR, 3 revive, 4 RSM, 3 RS, 3 SM, 12 IM, 7 Attract, 1 AD and 1 Decrepify. He is the area level MF character. The revives are the tanks and killers, the Mages are artillery

For these characters I complete all necessary quests and the skills, life and Charsi quests which takes some time to complete

The support characters include Mules - All Amazons
2 for Pgems, 1 PSkulls, 2 full Rejuvies, 5 for general Uniques, 1 for SoJs, 1 for Tarnhelms, 17 for Rares, 7 for Sets, 3 for character Twink items for rushing characters to about L20, 1 for plain Wands, 1 for Sockets and War Sceptres,
Gamblers at levels 5, 8, 14, 31 and 33

I also rushed several, but not all, of few support characters through NM so they can join a Hell game in Act1
For the leveling Amazons I used Poison Javelin for killing maggots in normal which got me to L31 comfortably and L33 which was a bit of a struggle time wise, sunk extra pts into charged strike if I got surrounded. Otherwise the toons were quest rushed. That was a most of April project

For the sorc, at low levels I used Blizzard more as it used less mana at lows levels. It kills a little slower but Static helped a lot

But now the challenge tonight is Hell Duriel. Should i party all 8 players to try to go past him with one kill? I think my spear barb will be safer than the Sorc.


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Nice going there @TedDeeBoy !

If Hell Duriel sounds like a too bad challenge in an 8 players game, you could take him to sliver with only one character in the game and then take the rest of the group to the game. They will get the quest if you take them to the party before Duriel is dead.

I'm interested to hear from your sorcs in the future, especially if they ever reach higher levels! Will be nice to get any more info there's available, cause my own two sorcs have been left unstatted and skilled for now, but I'd love to try a sorc in Hell CS.

When I continue my own adventures I'll continue with just that one Barb being the killer and questing character. Two sorcs and one Barb will be there along the way, but I'll have to level them when I reach Hell RoF I think. NM was really a breeze (well, CS still awaits) so I'm not afraid of Hell. But maybe I'll level my Barb to 4x-50 before it and maybe try to find some upgrades from NM Cow King.


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They'll get the quest if they party and are in act 2 before you talk to Tyrael, like it's always been. They don't need to be in the game when Duriel dies.
Awesome information there @helvete. There is some stuff about party play I am still learning, especially order and the difference of when to party players when questing

I wished I had of known this last night. I did use the Barb in a 7 player party game to beat Duriel. I had a pair of Goblin Toes that I gambled in a previous games so I got those on the Barb the CB seemed to help a lot even in the high players party. It still took a while but with leech and no mana burn the Barb will whirl all day. He dropped a Blacktongue, a useless unique.

I pushed on to one through the collect on the Khalim's Bits and smacked the Council and finally Meph in the game, Meph was an anti climax smacked in 30 seconds os so
But not before having an NDE with the 2K barb, slithered by a Cursed, Mana Burn Maffer and a room full of Vampires in the Durance 3. I wished I took a screenshot but the EF,ES, Cursed MB Maffer was chasing my whirl or smacking him if not got stopped and my whirl kept hitting the Vamps and not Maffer. I had to Leap attack out after many rejuvies then TP and went to a previously found combat shrine near Trav to buff him before coming back and whipping him 2nd time around. I kill him and Bremm because they often interrupt the Meph fight and it is difficult to move the other weaker chars to act 4 when they crash the party. I leave the Teleportation council boss because if he can spawn MB it is a painful battle

@Grape, she is decent. But even with 3 steps of FCR it is not enough to escape monsters in a continuous teleport in a rush. I teleported into a mob of A3 version of Black Locusts and got stunned locked to death, even after using all my full rejuvies after 10 seconds and with an active lvl 4 ES, trying to get a teleport or GS off in the crush. @Treeharl Tera Lvl 90 thread shows that he used 5 steps of FCR to be safer. Also the lag in a party game in a problem for most and that is PC dependant, For example, I never run an
active char is the host character because of lag is unbearable.

I got some pics, the Meph screen shot. Now just 1 waypoint away from levelling heaven


And this is stick found in Act2 NM false tombs. It will be difficult to give up this, Bramble Thirst, must have been a Beta version