[Guide] 1.00 melee weaponry


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I coudn't fit this on any other place so I decide to make a separate topic about it. This won't be a full wall of text guide. Why do I feel the need of writing this, well because there is alot of confusion how weapons actually preform. Thats why most people (including me!) are using pikes which clearly isn't the best option.

First of all all weapons do their onlisted or offlisted one hand damage with barbs in general, including ww ofcourse.

Lets run though our options:

The most known option when it comes to 1.00.
One hand damage 14-63
Listed on screen as 14-63
Range 3
Note: Only usefull pre 1.03! Does work as "intended"

Martel de Fer
The most usefull weapon in later patches sadly has some serious bugs on 1.00... Ironically it isn't the worst option but it isn't very good either. Luckely everything gets sorted out after converting!
One hand damage 6-13
Listed on screen as 61-101
Range 1 (this makes them a very poor option on 1.00)
Note: Don't get fooled by high avarage damage (even due ed glitch) the whole weapon preforms buggy and a range of 1 makes it very weak. Only use is to convert em to later patches...
Note2: How to calculate (indicative) ed on them: use 101 min as base. Then look if the maul has max damage on it, subtract, then subtract the base of 101 and subtract an aditional one due n-1 bug. Divide the remainer by 13 and there you go.

Listed martel above: 0 min dmg so 127-0 = 0 then subtract 101 and 1: 127-101-1 = 25 now divide by 13:: We get a value of 192 ed here (But as indication you know you should definiatly convert this one!)

Axes (all of them)
Enhanced damage, even when shown correctly on screen doesn't work at all.
Useless when you convert em, even Ancient Axes are useless (I am sorry Axe fans, no axe effect on d2 classic!)
Range: 1.
Notes: One hand damage of ancient axe is 46-72 with 19 max damage applied your max damage you will get ever on an axe is 91, dispite your screen shows you values well above 180!

This one is actually very intesting. With testing I figured out exeptional Polearms work as intended but are a bit set back by onehand damage!

Lets list them:

One hand damage 14-43
Listed on screen as 14-45
Note: Does not preform better as a Pike!

Battle Scythe
One hand damage 18-43
Listed on screen as 18-45
Note: Does not preform better as a Pike!

One hand damage 34(!!!)-59
Listed on screen as 34-61
Note: Does preform better as a Pike! 2,5 times min damage of a Pike, what is not to like.
Note2: Rares drop from Lower Kurast hell chests

One hand damage 24-67
Listed on screen as 24-77
Note: Does preform better as a Pike! 10 more min damage and 4 more max damage, thats a 30% increase in preformance!
Note2: Rares drop in act 4 hell! Not dropped by Cow King!

Grim Scythe
One hand damage 29-62
Listed on screen as 29-64
Note: Does preform better as a Pike! 15 more min damage and 1 less max damage. However high req are a setback (140 dex).
Note2: Dropped by Cow King hell, if you can manage to find one with -40 req and 150% ed you find yourself a great weapon!



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Hi, I can not confirm that Ancient Axes don't make really the insane damage that is listed.
I killed Diablo Norm very fast in a 3 Player game and oneshotted everything on its way with a 180 max Ancient Axe.

Why do you believe Ancient Axes are bugged?