1.00 Classic Godoblood's milestone


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His journey stared in March 2017 with 7 others pre historic partners

Today he is top of the my crew

GodoBlood reaches 93 in 100.jpg

All skill, stat and life quests finised

Godoblood makes it 93 in Classic patch 1.00

If you do not know the significance of this, at level 93 all gambled amulets have a chance of being +2 class skills , only one of two ways to get these in patches previous DII 1.05 perfect skull recipe option. The other way is killing hell Big D and hell Big D is very stingy with rare amulet drops.

Also those who play 1.00 know that with no players command and with regular monsters that cap out at level 82 getting to getting to level 93 is a long process. I finally found a good map in a MP game with Urdar boss or champion pack at the bottom of the entrance stair case in the RoF in late Oct 2017 and have joined that map to all my toons wanting to max their level

The build

I wanted to make a Necro with a strong CE and good crowd control as this makes a good farmer for multi player in 1.00.

He started as a IM / blood golem with summon hybrid and CE after watching some of the 1.00 videos and reading the guide. He is now a hybrid all rounder with what may seem a weird set mix of skills. IM /BG combo gives next to unlimited life vs melee monsters but you can still get killed

The gear



FCR 40 (3 steps)
MF 181%

Str 75
Dex 30
Vit 180
Eng 270

Life 664
Mana 957
Resists- F 20, C 16 , L 75, Poi 18
MPK +5


RS 3 / 8 ( + 1 skelly per skill level. No life or damage bonus provided )
SM 13 / 18 ( life and damage synergy for RS, RSM, and revive)
RSM 3 / 8 ( + 1 skelly per level. No life or damage bonus provided )
GM 5 / 10
Revive 3 / 8 (+ 1 revive per skill lvl, reduced mana per skill lvl.)
All others except FG 1 / 6

P & B
CE 17 / 22 ( 16.6 yard radius)
B Spirit 20 / 25 (404 - 414 damage)
1 pt in other pre requisites

IM 15 / 20 ( +675% Reflected damage, 55 sec duration)
Attract 7 / 15 (15.6 secs in Hell)
Decrep 7 / 12 ( 10 yard radius, 4.2 seconds duration)
All others except LT and LR 1 / 6

So why the skill pts allocation

I planned the skill set based on getting +3 skills from the gear. This is very achievable but a lot smaller than in 1.10+
It turned out that I managed +5 skills by L93 while maintaining a good MF and ok resists and 40 FCR. +5 skills is a decent amount for a 1.00 toon while balancing other stats

After learning about the monsters and levels

1. I needed some way to safely deal with hell De Seis and the other seal boss in a players 4 hell game while maintaining a 100+ MF. So I pumped B Spirit and Decrep as a way to help my revived doom knights or venom lords get the 1st corpse of the De Seis' pack. An extra Fast De Seis is difficult to kill unless decrep'd as they are all OKs. This build provides the only way I have found to quickly and safely do this. I could level this guy to 90 in self played MP games. This was slow but worked while I found a good map to level higher

2. By having the above , he can quickly run boss and champ packs in the RoF which is needed to get him to L93. The build is not totally finished but is good enough but will continue to being useful

3. CE does not reach over the lava so plan B is required to deal with them


CE is the main killer with it scaling with the players in the game.
B Spirit is very useful for getting the 1st corpse in multi player and for killing Storm Casters in the CS as CE does not kill monsters floating over the lava in the RoF or in the CS. In fact, there are many obstacales in Act 4 that often reduce the CE's effective radius. The CS is the best location for CE

In 1.00 Skellies are weak later game
RSM are used for minor alternative damage and distraction for the monsters
imho Revives are very good if you revive the right monsters.
SM provides a life and damage synegy to revives
Pts in GM work for all golems but BG, CG and FG are the most useful.
BG used mostly, CG in the cow level because the golem can wander into danger

My favourite revives

Abyss Knights - This combo of melee and ranged attack is unbeatable. These can easily take down Hephisto with IM
Doom Knights -
Pit Lords and Venom Lords
Then any fast moving and attacking melee monsters from other acts


The main are IM, Decrep and Attract
Against cows start with Decrep and Terror. Once I have a few corpses switch to Attract and Decrep or AD

Deaths yes many but between 89 to 93 4 deaths from Abyss Knights cold and fire bolts

Other tips

poor mans teleport - used lots of the TP scrolls to gather the army the only option to gather the forces in the CS

Level progression

1 - 37 normal
37 - 55 NM, some SP some MP
55 - 64 Hell A2 Canyon of the Magi, MP game
66 - 83 Hell A4 RoF Maggots only, MP game
84 - 89.5 Self played 4 player MP full clears in the RoF and CS excluding Big D
89.5+ Urder champion pack at the bottom of the entrance stairs in the Hell RoF on p1

Godoblood may be back on the MP circuit shortly but I have still maintained my map

Thanks to Helvete for the 1.00 guide, Treeharl for the stories in 1.00 and the crew at the Classic 1.00 discussion thread for the ideas

Next project.
An Orb/Blizzardress 1.00 to lvl 90+ with same map layout in the same version.

Apologies for the wall of text


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I know nothing about classic 1.00. Even then, it's clear to me ... very well done !!!


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Congrats for achieving your goal! That's not easy job. I'm definitely bookmarking this, will be a good reference should I play some 1.00 nec.

Would be nice to see him in action.

I'm planning to continue my 1.00 adventures sooner or later :)


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Thanks everyone for likes and support

@Grape I will look at getting a video capture for a laptop that has only a 128 MB VRAM Nvidia video card. Its an old rebuilt laptop. If I understand it video capture sucks a lot of power . I could create a short video of him running the champion pack and another running the CS on p1 until I am ready to lose my map with him

For video capture, what are we recommending that is light weight and does not attempt to take over your PC with unnecessary garbage and sign me up to unnecessary subscriptions.

@OldSoldier , the rare boots are one of the reasons to run 1.00. These are only lacking FRW to be amazing but are more interesting than putting on WT on every MF build

For items here are some found and gambled items . I have several mules with rares. This is the best far , only got 2 +2 rare amulets if I recall correctly


Some boots


I will try to put together an item find post of the best and the novelty to


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I use Bandicam and it has worked really well for me. The free version let's you record up to 10 minutes, but it's been awhile since I loaded it, so I'm not sure if something has changed since.

Looking for that IFT post! Great pair of EG% boots there. My Barb is a bit jealous. Different resistance(s) and would work really well for my 1.13 gold finding sorceress as well.


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Thanks for the advice on Bandicam. I will give it a try this week.

I rarely post Classic find in the IFT . On balance I have the impression many current version LoD players preferred the TT players not to post TT stuff in the current thread. I should post these to the 1.00 Gossip thread or we create a IFT for pre 1.07 stuff.

Also It is just is takes a long time to put togther pre 1.07 IFT posts without the gomule or atma text dump feature. @fearedbliss started a char dumping util Alpaca but I now can not find the post with it with the search


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@TedDeeBoy Alpaca isn't approved on SPF (Even if it is just GoMule text dump feature), so it is removed for now. But it wouldn't have helped your situation since Alpaca only dumps only some specific information for patches pre 1.10. It doesn't do a full dump (GoMule doesn't even dump anything pre 1.10).

@Grape You should check out OBS Studio (It's free and open source). That's what a lot of people use for streaming to Twitch. I also use this to record my YouTube videos or what not.

Red Box = Start recording a video
Green Box = Start streaming (To whatever streaming provider you set up)

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@fearedbliss Thanks for the advice with OBS . I got that working on the LT after some trial and lots of error and can record longer videos.

So here is Godoblood running some champs in the RoF. BTW this took 45 minutes to upload to which was very frustrating



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@TedDeeBoy Glad to hear you got it working. You can change your configuration so that it only records the game window itself without having to see your desktop background. Just make a new game window capture and point it at Diablo II. You can also use a window capture as well.

To set the size, go to your OBS settings and go to the video section. In there you can set the resolution for both canvas and base to 640x480. You can play with all of that. But you can definitely get it so that you only see the game completely.

How fast is your Internet (upload speed specifically)? The video is only 3 minutes so it should just take like less than 5 min. At the moment it takes me about an hour to upload a 55 min video at 1920x1200 resolution (so total video size is about 1.5 GB).
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@fearedbliss Thanks. I did try this initially and kept getting error "game.exe, Cannot find the hook for the process" or something like that. I spent about 5 hours in total over two nights with trial and error with OBS. Eventually i got frustrated and found a less than perfect way to create a 3 minute video and that took another day after doing all of the setups required to create a youtube spot and to crop the each end of the video and upload it. Our internet is fast but the upload destination was set as Belguim , 12000 miles from where I am so it is the TCP window,distance induced latency and lack of a parallel upload process that is killing the upload throughput.

I will experiment a bit more on the weekend and maybe run the CS with this guy


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@TedDeeBoy That might be happening because the window keeps minimizing when you click out of it. My window minimization fix is included for 1.00 in my Singling FAM pack. Download that and that should fix your issue. Check the Singling thread here on the SPF.