Bug “IP Banned” Errors


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I have had several PM reports of this error and also experienced it myself. Generally it goes away after an hour or two.

I have posted in the mod forum, but we have no root cause identified/ solution. It is obviously linked to anti spam somehow though.

If you want to post occurances below*, feel free, it may help gauge how common it is - not guaranteeing anything though :)

In the meantime please be patient.

yes I know, once you get access back. If I don’t write it someone is bound to write it


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It happened to me several times in the last month (I almost always connect from my phone). Sometimes it shows after a random length of time spent on the board.
What I noticed is that, not always but more than once, switching wi-fi from on to off or viceversa seemed to bypass the "ban".


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If it happens again, please let us know which IP address you have at that time. It's shown in the "Your IPv4 is" line when visiting https://www.whatismyip.com, for example. Please also let us know when it happened.

I suggest to send it via PM (aka private conversation), as it might not be a good idea to post it in a public thread.
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I have gotten a big increase in IP bans. As a matter of fact, it now (almost) always happen when I try to log in in incognito mode in Google Chrome.


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I've just had an IP address ban on my computer using my normal browser (Firefox) which hasn't happened before. I'm on my VPN right now.