1. A

    Offer Eth 15/15 Sandstorm Trek

    Hi, Just started playing again after a 4yr break (because I was bored by every other game) and joined this forum! Found these in act4, who is interested? -- Defence: 243 +146% enhanced defence +15 strength +15 dexterity +43% poison resist Ethereal and the other fixed stats --
  2. veryblackraven

    O GG Necro diadem (+2 skills, 20FCR, etc.) N offer

    Great Necro diadem for trade: +2 to Necromancer skill levels +20% Faster Cast Rate + 171% Enhanced Defense (165 total def.) + 8 to Energy All Resistances +18 21% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items Would like to here some offers.
  3. MalTheMighty

    [EUSCL] Trying to get Vex

    Hey y'all. i'm trying to get my hands on a Vex rune so i can make a Hoto but i don't know what it's worth or how rare it is. I don't have much to trade with so please excuse my ignorance :) Thanks
  4. Mrishimaru

    10PGs for AoKL

    Looking to trade 10 perfect gems for an Arm of King Leoric. Interested?