1. Luhkoh

    Off the Beaten Path Tournament

    The Pit is eerily silent. Denizens of the Ancient Tunnels remain thawed. Pindleskin shambles toward nothing and no one, and Baal laughs alone on his chair. We have ventured...Off the Beaten Path! Feast your eyes on icy caves, on the sepulchers neath the burial grounds! Plumb the city sewers...
  2. Luhkoh

    Gauging Interest in a Combined MF/RF tourney in weird areas

    Hi everyone, I’ve been missing the sense of community and hype I get from participating in tourneys on here, and with RFL still presumably a ways off, I thought I’d pitch a tournament idea I’ve had for a while that I think will be fun. If there is any interest, I would love to host it. I...
  3. okey

    Fated Incarnation, sept challenge/tournament - s1

    [bgm-1] , [bgm-2] , [bgm-3] Fated Incarnation, sept challenge/tournament - s1 "Woe is me, for I am but a fish in the river called Fate." Preface The loom has strung you o' child of destiny, for you have been fated.. You are a fated one, most known as a hero; but know this: the one known as...