1. Luhkoh

    All Spelled Out - Arkana the Untwinked Sorceress Reaches 99

    Arkana, my untwinked sorceress, and my first character made after resetting to join the SPF, reached level 99 on Sunday! Start: January 4, 2019 End: March 1, 2020 First, here is a video of the final few nihlathak runs, dinging 99 on ancients, and getting matriarch afterwards. I aborted...
  2. Diablo IV #6: Heroes

    Diablo IV #6: Heroes

    Artwork (C) Igor Sidorenko & Blizzard Wallpaper Arranged by Me
  3. Pentecostal

    [Build] The Phoenix Sorc

    Bold Impressive Attention Grabber: 1-Hit Kills with this impressive Phoenix Sorceress build! Price Rate: $$$/$$$ Very Expensive Runewords and 1 Rare Helm Runes Required: 4×Vex, 2×Lo, 2×Jah, 1×Dol, 1×Um, 1×Ber, 1×Ist Theme: Phoenix Runeword + Fire Mastery + Enchant Intro: You guys know how I...
  4. Pentecostal

    The Dragon

    Bold Impressive Attention Grabber: I bet we can wring out 225k Damage per second with this build. Let's talk. Intro: The focus on this Sorc play style is obviously Holy Fire combined with Fire Mastery to deal out copious amounts of damage. I understand that this build is nothing new but I...
  5. M

    [Build] 200 FCR worth it? (Nova ES build perspective)

    Been umming and arring about this for some time now. Wanting to make an indestructible light soso. My biggest concern is whether to use a hoto (+3 skills) or wizspike ( +200~ mana, +15 faster mana regen, +10 FCR). I really dislike viper magi & wizspike. Most of the build is pretty...
  6. W

    Solo Sorc Skills Progression Help?

    Hey all, I've been leveling a Sorceress in Single Player and was wondering what's the most efficient skill setup as I level? I just hit Normal A5 and I'm at level 25, and its pretty rough. The way I always thought, it was go Charged Bolt until level 13, then respec to 7 Static, 1 Frost Nova, 1...
  7. TG Flashhy

    Firestorm Sorceress

    This is my first build. I’m sure many will have differences in opinions. To those I say, take this build and make it your own. If you think your way is better than by all means I hope you run it better and I congratulate you on finding a more keen build but this is MY preference. I decided to...