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  1. W

    Poison(noDWeb) vs Fishy necro for SP area MF?

    Necromancer is my favorite character and I've managed to gear one out reasonably well for some area magic finding. I am debating whether to run him as a Fishymancer (summons) or a Poison necro. I'm playing single player and my primary focus is high-end uniques, but I am also interested in...
  2. B

    Ned the Necromancer - HC/P8/NoMods/LiveStream!!

    Hello everyone!! I usually use to find more people within the single player community, idk why I've never thought to post here! I see many threads here about road to 99, and that shows a lot about the people that use this site. Anyways, I've started this necromancer and would love if...
  3. W

    Solo Sorc Skills Progression Help?

    Hey all, I've been leveling a Sorceress in Single Player and was wondering what's the most efficient skill setup as I level? I just hit Normal A5 and I'm at level 25, and its pretty rough. The way I always thought, it was go Charged Bolt until level 13, then respec to 7 Static, 1 Frost Nova, 1...
  4. Danielator

    [1.13 - No Mods - SC Probation] I need Natalya's Mark

    I have decided to hunt for the item myself. I have cleared the trade items from my stash.
  5. W

    Level 62 trapsin can't do hell

    I'm pretty new to d2, and have a lvl 62 trapsin in singleplayer, with random loot, and I am having trouble killing the last wave of NM Baal minions and Baal goes pretty slowly as well. Any tips on how to choose/get gear or what I'm doing wrong? Skills max fireblast 1 shock web 5 charge bolt...
  6. T

    Can't find saved game files (version 1.12 for Windows 10)

    If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking for my saved character files for single player. I tried to update the version from 1.12 to the current version: "Battle.Net is unable to properly identify your application version." This version...