1. Luhkoh

    Updated Countess Rune Odds

    Hi all. I have seen countess odds for past versions of the game posted here, but never have seen an update for 1.13b through 1.14d. This is probably because the runes are so bountiful from countess and LK that people either don't care as much about the odds, or just head to LK. But I thought it...
  2. Luhkoh

    Runefinding Calculator - Countess vs LK vs Travincal vs Cows

    EDIT: See version 2 of calculator HERE Hi everyone. As I'm sure will become more and more apparent, I really like to do some practical D2 math, and even better if I can get a reusable calculator/spreadsheet from it. @Gripphon 's runefinding guide is one of my favorite posts ever, and I...
  3. OutshineBaal

    Rune word timing

    Can't find info for this anywhere. These rune words will be the reason I'm institutionalized. Say you have 3/4 of a rune word, is it ok to place the 3 you have, and place the 4th later when you find it? The one I'm missing is 4th in the order/word so, I can't help but think that it'll be ok...
  4. MalTheMighty

    [EUSCL] Trying to get Vex

    Hey y'all. i'm trying to get my hands on a Vex rune so i can make a Hoto but i don't know what it's worth or how rare it is. I don't have much to trade with so please excuse my ignorance :) Thanks
  5. Ruined

    Modernized Runeword Idea

    I've presented my modernized runewords idea all over the Internet except the very roots of the Diablo communities. Who else would better judge the runeword variation than the Diablo 2 focused community? So, I suggested that all Primals would roll with a rune imbued to them and a runeword would...