1. Phototoxin

    Hail to You, Champions!

    Aloha, I'm a UK based dude been playing D2 since I picked up the battlechest (complete with totally obsolete strategy guide!) when I was a teen. 'I am overburdened' was a staple phrase when carrying too much shopping growing up too! Anyway, fast forward to now - I got sucked back into D2...
  2. MalTheMighty

    [EUSCL] Trying to get Vex

    Hey y'all. i'm trying to get my hands on a Vex rune so i can make a Hoto but i don't know what it's worth or how rare it is. I don't have much to trade with so please excuse my ignorance :) Thanks
  3. M

    Several questions from a "new" player

    Hey there! A new user for these forums here! I used to play Diablo II a lot when I was younger (I never really got into the endgame). However, it has been a very long time since I last played, until I decided to start a new Javazon, my all time favorite, a few weeks ago. So, I have a few (very...
  4. D

    Newcomer, Help me with gear for my Frenzy Barb

    Hello I'm new to D2 and I'm enjoying it. I'm playing solo on 1.12 because I'm using the resolution hack (improvement D2multires). I am a Frenzy Barb (CLVL 78) and I'm hitting a brick wall on HELL act 2. It is surely because of the gear. I like to add that I am playing self found and I am...