natalya's odium

  1. Danielator

    [1.13 SC ATMA V] Tal Rasha's Guardianship for Natalya's Mark

    I am currently running the "Ancient Tunnels" for Natalya's Mark. I found Tal Rasha's Guardianship. I will trade it and a Vex rune for a Natalya's Mark. The damn thing just won't drop for me so now I am here with ATMA V. I really hope I can work this trade out with someone. Also I would like to...
  2. Danielator

    [1.13 - No Mods - SC Probation] I need Natalya's Mark

    I have decided to hunt for the item myself. I have cleared the trade items from my stash.
  3. Danielator

    [v 1.13] No Mods - Herald of Zakarum for Assassin gear

    I also aquired Zakarum's Hand which I will throw in for free. Both items are in my stash waiting. I need Bartuc's, however I will accept War Travelers Boots, or any piece of the Natalya's set other than the Natalya's Soul boots that I already have from NM Mephisto. I am aware that my trader...