mf build

  1. veryblackraven

    O GG Necro diadem (+2 skills, 20FCR, etc.) N offer

    Great Necro diadem for trade: +2 to Necromancer skill levels +20% Faster Cast Rate + 171% Enhanced Defense (165 total def.) + 8 to Energy All Resistances +18 21% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items Would like to here some offers.
  2. C

    Advice needed for MF build. Also some generic questions.

    Hi everyone, I'm returning to D2 after some years and I want to level up a few characters but I don't want to farm for items with each one of them. So I was thinking of doing an MF character and use GoMule to transfer items towards the others. I'm going to play the latest patch (1.14d), SP...