1. Luhkoh

    Runs per any Remaining Grailer spreadsheet

    Hey all, I made this sheet a while back and cleaned it up so it looked acceptable. Thought this is useful for seeing how many runs you should expect with whatever grailers you have remaining. Also note the inputs that are in there are NOT for my own grail (I'm at like -41 :P). LINK: D2 Grail...
  2. testyfish

    Rogue Merc inner sight question

    I've got a fire/grizzly summoner going, and I despise burning a tp scroll to resurrect a Merc. To that end, I have switched to an A1 rogue, and now I am plagued by one question: How much of a DPS boost to my grizzly is the -def from inner sight? Seems like the bear misses fairly frequently, so...