1. D

    How get Higher Level Runewords in Ladder?

    Im not an expert in D2, and i dont have much time to play, but in the next ladder i wanna make my Infinity runeword for light sorc. Is possible to make an Infinity RH? There are some tips, from experts D2 ply, to make High runewords in Ladder? Have you ever been able to make runewords on the...
  2. WitchDocEndugu

    Blizzball Sorc solo ladder Nov 2017.

    Hello everyone :) I'll make this quick. Is it possible to make it to the ladder with a Blizzball sorc solo? If so, whats your advice on this? All the best.
  3. R

    Europe SC Ladder Price List 2017

    In Honor of THIS list i present to you the updated version, all credits to OP Leetus for this awesome list! Reposting here, because as Comment i wasnt able to edit the list afterwards for some reason. Moderators feel free to delete the duplicate or enable editing or something. Recent tendecies...