1. testyfish

    Hammerdin to Run Baal...max Holy Bolt instead of Holy Shield?

    Title says it all. I've been toying with the idea of an untwinked 99 character for a bit. I've got a few in the 80s, but nothing I've committed to far enough to actually post in the thread. One thing that I'm thinking about is that I would want to level for the last stretch at Nilly or Baal, but...
  2. BKC

    Patriach Hammer_time

    Oi, Title says it all... A cheeserdin, almost finished too :) at level 80 i felt it was time to take down baal for the first time. This will be my goto character when one is overwhelmed by the sheer power that diablo can have over you... This character will make you feel invincible and strong...