1. A

    [Guide] Lightdancer Assassin (PVM/Ubers)

    Hello :D I decided to make a guide of one of my favourite PVM characters; the Lightdancer Assassin, or kick/light trap assassin hyb. There are lots of guides (well, some) about this char, but this one is more personal. It have more trap damage than usual ones, not meaning that our kicks will be...
  2. Naturallog

    My Bowazon Cyrene, plus Windforce vs. Faith in-depth comparison

    The Bowazon has been my favorite build to play since soon after I first installed D2. Still, I held off building my first single player Bowazon until I could piece together a solid set of gear for her. Not wanting to build a "perfect" gear set only to discover I based it around the wrong weapon...
  3. R

    Europe SC Ladder Price List 2017

    In Honor of THIS list i present to you the updated version, all credits to OP Leetus for this awesome list! Reposting here, because as Comment i wasnt able to edit the list afterwards for some reason. Moderators feel free to delete the duplicate or enable editing or something. Recent tendecies...