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    Gear recommendation for a untwinked Frenzy barb?

    Hi! I've recently started an untwinked Frenzy barb and I kind of hit a wall in Hell act 1. I take too much damage and do too little to magic/rare packs. I'm not sure about how to improve my gear so any recommendation would be appreciated. Gear: Skills: 20 Frenzy 20 Sword Mastery 7...
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    Newcomer, Help me with gear for my Frenzy Barb

    Hello I'm new to D2 and I'm enjoying it. I'm playing solo on 1.12 because I'm using the resolution hack (improvement D2multires). I am a Frenzy Barb (CLVL 78) and I'm hitting a brick wall on HELL act 2. It is surely because of the gear. I like to add that I am playing self found and I am...