1. M

    [EUSCL] Trap skiller with 32 Life

    I offer this trap SK with 32 Life Need offers! Reply to this post or whisper me at *Memothious
  2. triggerfinger

    Need Some Items

    Returned to Diablo 2 after a while. I'd be happy to find some of these items. Guillame's Thundergod Draculs GoreRider Stormshield Ravenfist I just have very little currency atm. When I get more, my main three next items are : Mara's Stormlash Bul Kathos Thanks !
  3. R

    Europe SC Ladder Price List 2017

    In Honor of THIS list i present to you the updated version, all credits to OP Leetus for this awesome list! Reposting here, because as Comment i wasnt able to edit the list afterwards for some reason. Moderators feel free to delete the duplicate or enable editing or something. Recent tendecies...