1. G

    Losing items and getting rollback with tcp/ip multiplayer

    I can't seem to find any discussion about this so I will post it here to see if i get any response. I started playing diablo 2 again recently with a couple of friends with Plugy over Hamachi. One of my friends stopped playing after a few days because he got rollback after every 2 or 3 games...
  2. A

    Offer Eth 15/15 Sandstorm Trek

    Hi, Just started playing again after a 4yr break (because I was bored by every other game) and joined this forum! Found these in act4, who is interested? -- Defence: 243 +146% enhanced defence +15 strength +15 dexterity +43% poison resist Ethereal and the other fixed stats --
  3. K

    HC East Ladder Discord Hangout

    to everyone that plays on HC East, i'd like to invite you to a new discord server where we can meet up. we are using discord to make 8 players walk thoughts, and sometimes ironman games every Friday and Sunday 8PM EST we either start or continue an 8player walk. we walk for 2hour and then...
  4. Mrishimaru

    10PGs for AoKL

    Looking to trade 10 perfect gems for an Arm of King Leoric. Interested?