diablo immortal

  1. Holyknight3000

    Diablo Immortal Cinematic Reveal #1-21 & 2 Ultrawides

    Since there are so many that I have posted I'll just post the devantART Journal entries for everything and I will link the latest batch and the two Ultrawides. Enjoy everyone: Batch #1: Diablo Wallpapers Part One of Many Batch #2: Diablo Wallpapers Part Two of Many Batch #3: Diablo Wallpapers...
  2. Holyknight3000

    Diablo Immortal #8-10 Monk, Necromancer & Wizard

    deviantART - twitter - diabloii.net deviantART - twitter - diabloii.net deviantART - twitter - diabloii.net ____________________________________________________________________________________ Figure I'd release the remainder of my current Diablo: Immortal wallpapers here for everyone...
  3. In the name of Zod

    Future of Activision Blizzard

    Questions. Have Activision been wanting more of a say over how Blizzard runs? How has the negative feedback over the announcement of Diablo Immortal allowed Activision to influence the operation of Blizzard? What will this likely mean for gamers? Will Activision try to install Activision...