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  1. Krupa

    KTA - You guessed it, killing them all...

    It took me 10 minutes of actual google search to find this forum again :D If you can make like 80% of mondays that works too ;-)
  2. Krupa

    Input Needed - The Seven Deadly Sins

    Hey guys! I will keep it up, either my chars make guardian or I´ll die trying (of old age ofc) nice to see this place is still going and even some people around i still know. How is it going with you guys?
  3. Krupa

    Input Needed - The Seven Deadly Sins

    Most people wont care, but i´ll tell you anyways :D i´m still working on this project. RL keeps me busy, but every now and then i find some time. So far: 4 Guardians 3 Ripped in Act 5 hell - rebuild in progress Avaritius collected a total of 38375882 Gold
  4. Krupa

    Re: KTA- Kill Them All, over and over again...

    I think we finished up act 3 and are ready to beat diablo next monday. we´re close to finishing up nightmare! no drops worth mentioning as usual
  5. Krupa

    Bug Can jordan-rare cube recipe make ethereal items?

    on this forum cheats and hacks are not to be discussed. questions like this should be asked on other foums
  6. Krupa

    Re: KTA- Kill Them All, over and over again...

    i ruptured a ligament in my right ankle. so i´m stuck in bed most of the day. will be there tonight of course
  7. Krupa

    Returning back with Qs

    1: wait for the next to drop, if u are dedicated u can start farming LK. that should get u a sur quickly enough. 2: i doubt they toned it down but even if, the odds are very high and u´ll get a hr every few hours. specially if u play softcore u´ll start swimming in hrs at some point
  8. Krupa

    Re: KTA- Kill Them All, over and over again...

    hey guys. i looking forward to the run =) how´s it going with new participants? today is the first match of the german team which i´m gonna watch at a public viewing spot. i could make it back in time, but it would be kind of a hassle. how do u feel bout postponing a week?
  9. Krupa

    KTA - Still killing them all...

    act 1 went by swiftly, the combination of orb and ww is very strong. but then i got killed in mid-whirl :( and dean committed suicide... but oh well, new ladder new run i guess. so get on folks so we can kill them all and get revenge for our fallen heroes!
  10. Krupa

    (Sort of) New Build: The Triforce Mage

    one minor nitpick: you wrot kira´s guardian but talked about griffon´s eye for the helmet
  11. Krupa

    Etdlahq Memorial Bar - your shelter from forum crashes

    i remember vaguely that there was someone looking for a 4 socket armor with an orange color modifier...can´t remember who though. maybe one of u guys does as i just found and stored one
  12. Krupa

    Uses and socketables for a 3os Tomb Reaver?

    how bout a bearzon or a 2hd avenger? u probably won´t find a build where the TR wouldn´t be beaten by a runeword but they can still be done nevertheless
  13. Krupa

    Untwinked Zealot struggling in Hell

    hey there. if u can run the countess u´ll have plenty of runes up to mal soon to build weapons. honor is probably the best of the cheap. black is kind of annoying with the knockback, but still good. but first of all, u should craft a blood belt. it will give u 5-10 % chance of open wounds...
  14. Krupa

    What setup would provide the most mana?

    frostburn, sojs, glooms trap, silkweave... optimal is a combination of +% and +xx to mana items
  15. Krupa

    KTA - Still killing them all...

    Hey guys. my internet connection is totally ****ed up :( the provider wasn´t able to fix it for two weeks now, but they finally agreed on changing the router now...sometime during this week. also i don´t have an office anymore as i finsihed my thesis. so i can´t play from work either. so i...
  16. Krupa

    KTA - Still killing them all...

    hey guys. i´m sorry bout this, but i´m not gonna make it today. friday is the deadline for my thesis and i still got stuff to do. let me know how far u make it and i´ll make sure to catch up till next week. cya next monday and kill them all!
  17. Krupa

    What boots are most popular for a Sorc? (No build in specific)

    aldurs or frw res boots
  18. Krupa

    Enigma: behind the runes and runs

    love it!! 10 chars
  19. Krupa

    Most certainly not the last thing i'll ever wish for - Item find thread May 2013

    found this today. pretty nice role i guess Nightwing's Veil Spired Helm Defense: 329 Durability: 32 of 40 Required Level: 67 Required Strength: 96 Fingerprint: 0x3a12b092 Item Level: ** Version: Expansion 1.10+ +2 to All Skills +14% to Cold Skill Damage +106% Enhanced Defense +19...