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    Light mf-er??

    I just made a lightning mf'er not too long ago. My mf hasn't been as much of a problem as damage, which took quite the effort to remedy, infinity merc+torch+anni took care of it though. nagel rings, war travs, chancies, tal ammy/bet/armor, occy, shako, and lidless are what I use and I do meph...
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    2 ebotd FOR BABA GOOD? plug the numbers in there and check it out. 12 attacks per second with ww with 2 ebotd cbs. try it yourself :thumbsup:
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    2 ebotd FOR BABA GOOD?

    My baba (lvl88) uses 2 low ebotd cbs, My test subject were hell cows. With one ebotd 2h'ing it, I land about 3 hits per ww when hitting a single cow. With 2 ebotds, I land around 5. the dmg is 7.5k for 2h and 5k for 1h. I also use fort, rend, 40 ed jewel in my arreat face for more dmg.