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  1. vigo

    Anything Goes D2 Lounge!

    OK, decided it was time to add the thread. Been a D2 player from the release, and I just reinstalled and started from scratch about a month ago. I gotta say that I am having an amazing amount of fun playing untwinked (still mule off my extra gems and runes with Go Mule because you never know)...
  2. vigo

    What's my age again?

    Re: What's my age again? 40 years old. Started playing Diablo 1 on my PS1 before I even had a computer. Holy cow did it take forever for those levels and TPs to load. Still playing D2 LOD and loving it!
  3. vigo

    How thick is your bubble? A Quiz! A Quiz!

    Re: How thick is your bubble? A Quiz! A Quiz! I scored a 13, which apparently means I have no "bubble".
  4. vigo

    The Noodle Compound

    Re: The Noodle Compound OMG, get home from the local watering hole to do my usual late night drive by on the forums and there is a Gorny sighting. Probably wake up in the morning just to find that it was just a figment of my imagination. *returns to lurking status*
  5. vigo

    The Noodle Compound

    Re: The Noodle Compound Hola Community OTF, Been lurking for a few years and wanted to say thanks for all of the interesting reading in that time. Can't get through the day without checking in to see what is going on in this thread. Carry on!
  6. vigo

    OT in the OTF14

    Re: OT in the OTF14 Hockeytown Lives! Four Cups in 11 years. Glad to see Lidstrom win the cup as captain.
  7. vigo

    RIP Harvey Korman

    Re: RIP Harvey Korman That would be awesome! Time to breakdown and buy a DVR. Damn, I know I must have some blank VHS tapes around here that I'm not using as bookends for my DVDs.
  8. vigo

    RIP Harvey Korman

    Re: RIP Harvey Korman I too loved to watch him on The Carrol Burnett Show. Those clips from that show with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway trying their hardest to crack the other one up still make me laugh so hard I can hardly breathe.
  9. vigo

    OT in the OTF 13

    Re: OT in the OTF 13 Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
  10. vigo

    OT in the OTF 13

    Re: OT in the OTF 13 12 ounce curls can be performed in many ways. I prefer to do mine with Rolling Rock or Miller Genuine Draft. I have from time to time moved up to the 24 ounce version with Labatt's Blue Big Cans.
  11. vigo

    OT in the OTF 13

    Re: OT in the OTF 13 6'2 and 245. Plenty of 12 ounce curls to help maintain the physique.
  12. vigo

    Best CLASSIC strategy game

    Yeah, Rebellion can be a little boring until you recruit the right characters and give them time to complete missions. Also, building shipyards and other facilities can be a pain in the ***. I usually monkey with the game speed when i need to get through the slow parts.
  13. vigo

    Best CLASSIC strategy game

    I don't think I saw it mentioned yet, but I spent many hours playing Star Wars Rebellion (Windows 95, yikes!). I still load it up once in while. Nothing like building a Death Star and turning a few planets into dust to releive a little stress.
  14. vigo

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Everyone! There's just a dusting of snow on the ground here in Southeast Michigan, but enough for a white Christmas. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday wherever you may be.
  15. vigo

    Is Famine worth it?

    Thanks for the input. I think I will run the pits for a while to try and find a 4 os BA as you suggested. I have never made a Pat and I have been playing for a LOOOONG time. Just don't have the free time to work on many characters, so the advice is much appreciated. - Vigo
  16. vigo

    Thank Tyreal it's Fridaily!

    D2: Still looking for an Ohm rune to make a Famine legendary mallet for my Zealot RL: Lots of homework (Marketing, Management, and Sadistics) to do before watching football this weekend. Go Lions! (I know I'm hopeless but everyone needs to live in fantasyland once in awhile)
  17. vigo

    Is Famine worth it?

    Is Famine worth it? Hello everyone, I recently found a 4os legendary mallet, and I am wondering if it would make a good candidate for a Famine runeword. I have most of the runes (still need an Ohm) and I am willing to run LK until I find what I need even if I have to cube up to Ohm. I...
  18. vigo

    Muggy Mondaily

    RL: Posting resumes on internet job sites, typing cover letters, etc. Going to the Secretary of State's office (DMV in Michigan) to pay for new tabs on my license plate. D2: Running Lower Kurast in search of the elusive high runes. I am using a level 91 Zealot and after about 200 runs so...
  19. vigo

    #1 song on the day you were born

    "You've got a friend" - James Taylor July 27, 1971
  20. vigo

    1st attemp at LK running

    Lower Kurast is about the only place I seem to have been running over the past couple of months. Lost track of how many runs I've made but I'm sure its in the low thousands. I have a great map with 6 chests close to the WP, but I still find that the runs take me a couple of minutes. For...