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    Superior Dusk Shroud and OS Question

    Superior Dusk Shroud and OS Question Will the soc quest yield 3os for my SDS? I know my superior mageplate got 3os form the soc quest. Just want to make sure that the outcome will be the same for my Dusk Shroud.
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    About SOJs

    About SOJs I remember reading somthing on the fourms about a year or so ago. It talked about killing Baal in Hell and not being able to find SOJs after you have finished hell. I think i read it in a long MF post. Was this ever proven and is it sill the case in 1.11? :shocked:
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    Confused About Max Block

    Thank you for your post. That is how I undersdood the calc bus someone else threw me off with the the shields max block. So I thought that was to go up as well. I was going by this shield guide.. Dexterity required for max block (75%) for a sorceress shield str block dex/lv LV30 LV50...
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    Confused About Max Block

    Confused About Max Block Sorry for this noob issue. I am using Spirit for my shield.. If I pump pts into dex and my shield block is not going up.. its at 42% However my block is going up in my defense chance to block 143 dex and 30% block. How come my chance to block is not going up on...