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  1. sunflowersmooth

    No expansion!

    Thanks I remember your name. It'll always be a family here with the amount of trading and discussion we had over D2. I will soon enough...
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    Curious with no trading, a common thread I'm sure...

    I don't get D3 without trading. Trading is the heart of the entire game! I know blizzard is smart enough to realize this. Just watch, I guarantee that in some time trading will be reintroduced. How do you guys keep this game meaningful? To me, acquisition of wealth was the game. But without...
  3. sunflowersmooth

    Man...where can I get some gear these days?

    the gold forum site is a amazing site. It gives D2 life. I used both when I used to play. it's legit there. You are right, the heart of D2 is in it's trading.
  4. sunflowersmooth

    No expansion!

    I don't have RoS at the moment is the game still worth playing and can I still experience the changes? I haven't played since the expansion was released lol. Also long time member of the site, always been a favorite of mine. D2 forever.
  5. sunflowersmooth

    Conan O'Brien analyses the dialogue of Diablo 3

    i love conan he is brilliant...but this is some of the worst script this show has ever written.
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    One life to live: Taking the sting out of death

    I think the article is right. If the new Witch Doctor had to also start all over from Paragon 1, wouldn\'t that mean that players would just continually camp low paragon levels to gain paragon points for the account?
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    Check out how I made my follower Game Changing!!!!

    OK, OK. So I completed lied about how powerful my follower is. But I think it is a point that the developers should address. Remember how much we could deck out our D2 followers and how much pride we took in them? Ethereal Forts, Infinity, innate auras and auras from faith, dragon, dream...
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    More Details on Shared Paragon and other RoS News

    my interpretation is that the account will have the Paragon level as to avoid people camping on low para levels to gain para points. I.E. if your highest P level is 100, then automatically all your characters will share P100. Therefore as I believe it is at the moment, perhaps it makes no...
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    More Details on Shared Paragon and other RoS News

    great questions! Particularly enjoyed the one concerning retroactive HC paragon points...if I keep playing my monk right and he dies in HC, I may have to start at P1 when the expansion comes out lol.
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    Sharagon and HC

    I'm getting a little excited about the Reaper of Souls. But I'm wondering if shared Paragons make it even more risky to play HC? Most likely interpretation of sharagon is that if I got my highest character to P200, then all of my characters currently and the ones created from then on...
  11. sunflowersmooth

    Inferno Runes(TM)

    I've always questioned the reason behind "no rune"
  12. sunflowersmooth

    The Diablo.Incgamers SFHCL (Self Found Hardcore League)/Ironborns unite!

    what are you opinions on selling an item on the AH for the purpose of your other NON ironborn characters? (that you found on your ironborn?)
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    One life to live: Playing well with others

    there is nothing elitist about his perspective\'s laughable if you have 8k dps in mp4 lol 50k is suitable for mp2 and considered strong in mp1...why would you want leeches going for drops and exp who can\'t even help save your life? lol
  14. sunflowersmooth

    D3 Hardcore Disconnects fact or fiction?

    it is a fact...I have a P32 right now...I\'ve been D/C\'ed probably 4 times...usually the entire game crashed though so I survived...but don\'t believe I wasn\'t sweating trying to log back in...
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    4 players Maximum opinions

    How do you guys feel about this? I do not think it makes or breaks the game but 4 players max I feel is a let down. It really brings down the social aspect of the game and group discovery feelings. I know whenever I play in a public game and 4 people are in there I honestly feel like one or...
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    The feelings D3 gives me

    this is a good first post. some of the most rewarding experiences we have have been in video games. yea there are other aspects of our lives that give us more meaningful experiences.. music, work, romance...but having said that, thats why it is so great that we can feel so rewarded by playing d2...
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    Points in STR

    Re: pumping str well I had an IK barb too and it was pretty good agreed. but the point of this thread wasn't about an IK barb it was about using points in str to maximize damage because pumping vit to max in pvm when you never die seems like a waste.
  18. sunflowersmooth

    Points in STR

    Points in STR No one ever recommends this besides those who do something similar, glass cannon builds (though the numbers are probably a bit different). But don't think you think the same idea applies? For instance, as an IK barb or something even more uber strictly used for PVM...your barb is...
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    Iguy's trade list

    Re: Iguy's trade list stats on raven?
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    [escl] Father's Ladder Emporium

    Re: [escl] Father's Ladder Emporium stats on ik helm def and mf?