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  1. JohnnyC

    Diablo 3 on Playstation 3 / Playstation 4 Confirmed

    Re: D3 on PS3/PS4 Confirmed Probably the same way it was handled in Torchlight for Xbox360 = as you come close to items you press X, O, etc... that corresponds to items on ground. You can kind of see it in this video here. In practice it works relatively well.
  2. JohnnyC

    Fiery Brimstone, Buy!!

    Yeah, I approx doubled also since I bough 84 just before the first blog announcement of 1.04. They were around 130k. I sold them immediately after that blog post for 300k.
  3. JohnnyC

    I told you so...

    Too long; didn't watch. Internet celebrity wannabe quits D3 and channels his anger with a youtube video. Spineless fools hang to his every word and quit purely based on his decision. I don't care... you didn't "tell" me nothing of relevance.
  4. JohnnyC

    A look at D3 taken apart.

    You know... I never saw my pre-ordered CE. It came at my parent's house when I was in my finals, and I got my dad to phone me the CD key (while carefully instructing him how to open the box). Haven't been home since... ...what if... :yikes: EDIT: Hahahaha, nice touch with Cain's forehead, dad!
  5. JohnnyC

    Bug I found a bug in 1.0.4

    I do remember it, but this was in NM/Hell difficulty, with possibly (likely?) a different exp gained from Monsters vs. Quests reward. In fact, since this is inferno, and to be in inferno you need to be lvl 60... it's likely Blizzard never even gave exp reward values for those quests (unless...
  6. JohnnyC

    Bug I found a bug in 1.0.4

    I think what pulli implied, was that last time Blizzard decided to modify a game mechanics with regards to botters, we got neutered breakables and nerfed chest/racks drop. Which, quite frankly, was a stupid reason for these changes specifically (which may or may not be my opinion on this system...
  7. JohnnyC

    Paragon System Update from Blizzard

    Re: New blog is up I love this new system. I love it so much that I don't care if it (eventually) makes my 25+mil mf investments useless. This looks like an enjoyable system... one that I see myself playing for months and years (Especially on HC). Honestly, my hat is off to Blizzard on this one!
  8. JohnnyC

    The Magic Find ''PROBLEM''

    Okay, first of all, I think it's sad that we have to sacrifice playing with friends to be more "efficient" at mf-ing as it stand now in 1.03. Are you arguing with me that's it's more enjoyable to play alone than to play with other people? With can't I mf WITH other people? With 1.04, I'm finally...
  9. JohnnyC

    Is my item worth selling? Guide inside!!

    I might add a good IAS on ammy, especially for some char like DHs...?
  10. JohnnyC

    The Magic Find ''PROBLEM''

    1) I hear rumors some people want to play to... have fun AND MF. Crazy isn't it? 2) Yes, because by extrapolation of your limited (and unprovided) data, MF is completely useless for everyone. Gotcha.
  11. JohnnyC

    anyone else notices this in future update?

    Also, what's up with votekick? It doesn't seem to work any time I want it to, like when there's a douche leeching a quest back in town...
  12. JohnnyC

    What now?

    I'm playing and leveling my HC characters, and doing it without the AH.
  13. JohnnyC

    Yeeeeah! Finally an update on the status of 1.04

    Oh I'm planning to rebuy them if they get to 200k before then... and besides, I sold 84 of them to get to even, since I had bought 160 some. I kept the remaining in the hopes they got further up (which I think they will).
  14. JohnnyC

    Yeeeeah! Finally an update on the status of 1.04

    Well, the change list is looking good (the one they released today on the blog). ... and that announcement made the Brimstones go up momentarily to 350k a few minutes ago... back down to 200k now... I just sold 84 of 'em for 300k/e (paid 150k/e for those yesterday!!)
  15. JohnnyC

    Which resist for OWE?

    I'd go with lightning or cold for cheapest... probly lightning...
  16. JohnnyC

    Yeeeeah! Finally an update on the status of 1.04

    Actually, I just spent all my non-HC gold on Brimstones just minutes after the announcement. They were at 147k. I'm hoping the boost in uniques/legendary will drive their prices... Besides, if they screw this patch anyways, I'm done so what do I care about that gold (and I don't use the RMAH...
  17. JohnnyC

    Yeeeeah! Finally an update on the status of 1.04

    So yeah, just a few minutes ago, Bash just posted a sticky on the official forums pertaining to the status of patch 1.04. Basically, the post is just a summary of what they will be talking about "soon"TM ... An update of an update on the update :scratchchin: But hey, I'll take it! So this is...
  18. JohnnyC

    How do you foresee an Expansion being viable with inferno mode?der=

    Re: How do you foresee an Expansion being viable with inferno mode? I'm pretty sure it's considerably lower.
  19. JohnnyC

    Any other wizards like to do Zoltun Kolle mf runs?

    Without Neph Valor? I wouldn't think so, but I could be wrong. How much mf you running? How many rare on average per run?
  20. JohnnyC

    Most well known/recognizable/famous Diablo 2 item?

    I'll say Isenhart's Case :smug:.