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    upgrade advise

    Hey guys, I know I have a lot of room for improvement and I was wondering if you could just take a look at my barb and let me know what improvements I need to make. I am currently farming in MP6 but am able to pull off MP8 it just takes a lot of work...
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    Low DPS Challenge

    Oh my goodness, I never thought of it that way when I signed up for this. How selfish of me to try and have fun playing a game...
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    Low DPS Challenge

    If we add an item to the spread sheet and then find an item later with lower DPS can we change it if the time isn't up? Or should we wait to put an item on to the spread sheet for when we have our final answer.
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    Low DPS Challenge

    This contest is awesome! Im in! I'm pretty sure this is also going to help me get better drops, because I always get what I'm not looking for!
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    Price Checks

    Nevermind, I found there is an entire forum section for trade values. I guess I should have looked for like half a second longer.
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    Item level 63 Staff with required level of 44

    This one I'm really not sure about. It would be amazing for leveling, but I just don't know if people are even looking for it. Rare Staff 2-Hand 725.6 DPS 516-853 Damage 1.06 Attacks per Second +33 Maximum Damage +49-121 Lightning Damage Increases Attack Speed by 6% Level...
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    Price Check on Rare 1h Sword

    Rare Sword 1-Handed 912.5 DPS 387-916 Damage 1.40 Attacks per Second +235-561 Holy Damage +45% Damage +188 Strength +76 Dexterity +74 Vitality 1 Empty Socket I would prefer to sell this on the RMAH if I can but if its not really worth anything there, I really don't mind gold!
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    Price check on Rare Amulet

    Stats: +20-37 Damage +82 Dexterity +216 Vitality +10% Life Regenerates 247 Life per Second +32% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items I would prefer to sell this on the RMAH if I can. So if anyone has an idea of what it should sell for on there I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Price Checks

    I had three items drop for me recently that I think would do fairly well in the RMAH and was wondering if I could get an idea from here of what the price would be for them in the RMAH. However, before I do that I wanted to make sure that doing price checks like that didn't violate and of the...
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    [Build] Booster Monk Build

    I love the idea of this build, I'm looking really forward to trying this out!
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    I am honestly surprised by this (RMAH)

    Here's the way I see it. I make $30/hr working, part of that money goes to playing a game, and when I play that game I want to enjoy it. Let's say there is an item that would take me 300 hours to farm to get (obviously just an example as luck is a big factor, could take more could take less)...
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    [Guide] Beating Inferno with Bad Gear

    Odegar thanks so much for this guide, this gives me a lot of really good ideas, Im really excited to try these out!
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    Sorta new Monk

    For you in NM Transendence as your passive is what is going to make you notice the biggest difference. You're really gonna love it!
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    D3's cop-out difficulty

    I enjoy the affixes yes and the horrible combinations of them. I do however agree that they do far to much damage in general. We shouldn't be getting one shotted once we get vortexed back to an elite but if they did a reasonable amount of damage I think they would be a lot more fun for...
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    D3's cop-out difficulty

    Well I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that I actually enjoy the affixes jailer/vortex/sheilding/invulnerable minion, and yes I am in Act II inferno and yes I am sort of stuck there right now. Yes those affixes are near impossible but they aren't impossible. Sometimes you do get mixes of...
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    How much damage am I doing?

    I wish there was also some type of active DPS meter or something along those lines (though Im sure if they did that people would complain that its too much like WoW). But still it would be nice, even though I know the % weapon damage a skill does and what my characters supposed DPS is on the...
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    The reverse of "whats the best Follower for class X"der=0

    Re: The reverse of "whats the best Follower for class X" as far as monk vs barb goes for the enchantress I would pick the monk. 3% IAS is wonderful for monks!
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    Favorite Act

    My favorite is the deserts of Act II. I don't know what it is really, I think I just like the mobs that you fight there.
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    Adria was my mother... oh god please let me just just grind in peace.

    space bar is my friend in the situation. My left thumb is usually already on it since Im using my left hand for 'Q' and 1-4. Its not perfect but space bar does skip to the next part of the conversation/cutscene
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    You're a wizard with a melee weapon.

    Also the other reason shift is useful (disregarding attack move or anything like that) is that if you are in the heat of battle and don’t actually click on an enemy you will still cast your spell instead of running into the fray. I think we can all agree that if you left click on the ground...