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    2 Hammerdin questions (fcr bp & merc)

    Nightmare Act2 Defensive Merc equipped with an Insight Runeword
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    Merc Help surviving Nith

    Hm... it could be the Poison Vipers as well. Whenever the Vipers are there its almsot guranteed he dies. Any suggestions on countering the Vipers? I usually do teleport right on Nith, but sometimes I'd get him down to half or 2/3, he teles away and my merc dies.
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    Merc Help surviving Nith

    I actually am wearing Nature's Peace, but he still manages to blow up corpses.
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    Feasability of an Uber run on current setup

    Stick with Guillaume's and it'll be a walk in the park (well a nice park).
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    [Guide] The 1pt smiter guide to Uber Tristram v 1.0.

    I don't think it's needed. Which equipment are you using? Middle or Rich class? If rich class, your points are better spent in defiance as I had no trouble at all w/ 1 pt in Smite and I was attacking all 3 Ubers at once. I've done about 4 runs with the same skills and equipment as the +Damage...
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    Merc Help surviving Nith

    Merc Help surviving Nith I currently have Act2 Holy Freeze Merc with my Hammerdin. I use my Hammerdin mainly for rushes and key runs. The problem is the merc dies every other time when doing Nith/D key runs. My lvl ** merc currently has: Weapon: Insight CV Helm: Andariel's Visage w/ Ral...
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    Hammerdin: Raw Basics

    What are you going to use the Pally for? I'm relatively poor. I don't really MF and the fact that you have enigma makes you richer than me. My Pally wears: Shako Wizardspike +50% Spirit +35% Skin of Viper Magi (upgraded, but would use Enigma instead) +35%? MageFist +20% Raven Frost...