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    Weapon Throw Discussion

    How is it not true? If I must rely on Weapon Throw to generate fury, Ricochet leaves me with a .55*.33= 18% chance to generate 29 fury. 18% is low enough that your chances of throwing for several seconds vs a single target without generating any fury is non-negligible; this I do not like. If...
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    please help! what weapon will do most dmg?

    I prefer as it allows you to see your actual, applied DPS total for ww/sprint builds and your actual DPS with lots of other skills, plus breakpoints for IAS and such with various skills where applicable, healing with said skills, and that's not to mention your standard...
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    My Barbarian vs Ubers (8-9, 10 if possible lol)

    I use whirlwind/sprint vs the ubers on MP 10. Why do people say it doesn't work against them or isn't an option? For all of the fights I'm also doing more (real) DPS with ww/sprint than I could with HotA thanks to my AoEs hitting multple things much of the time.
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    please help! what weapon will do most dmg?

    Most damage with what skills, which hand, what other equipment? XD
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    Echoing Fury - Fear - useful or just annoying?

    That absolutely perfect dagger would be worth a lot more than my Echoing Fury. 300ish-700ish damage/hit, 11% ias, 1 socket, 100% crit damage, 200 strength, 3% life steal... not going to come cheap. Even something close is going to be extremely expensive and sought after by a large group of...
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    Least auction house dependant class

    I have all classes to 60 and then some. In the current (1.06) patch, my money's on the WD. Like nurman said, you have your tanky pets, but you also have Spirit Vessel, Spirit Walk, and a variety of other defensive abilities. For offense? You've got Zombie Bears to blast elite packs in seconds...
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    Echoing Fury - Fear - useful or just annoying?

    EF without some slow/cold applied is annoying, as I said. Mobs running away at a glacial pace, and at that only rarely (ww proc coefficient .2, sprint .08, base chance to fear as low as 10%), just doesn't make much difference to me; mobs already move around a bit chasing my barb, repositioning...
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    Pvp in d3

    Hdins desync charge. Necros IBS. Zons and blizz sorcs bring up menus to get extra range with their skills. Everybody and their brother uses hidden frw to desync while running. People WSG. Glitches are and have been a part of dueling in D2 for ages. Lots of those glitches are actually unintended...
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    who can drop all items

    No monster in the game can drop all of the items in the game. They all have a minimum - maximum range of item levels they can drop. As for what can drop the highest level (ilvl 63) items, anything in inferno on MP1+, or A3 and A4 on MP0.
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    [Guide] How to Multishot - A Speedfarming DH Guide

    That's a really cool Multishot setup Kestegs, I like it. I might have to copy it if I ever get back around to messing with my DH. XD
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    Early Barb PvP Impressions

    I haven't pvped nearly enough, but I agree about Weapon Throw and stunning skills. Even better, combine the two; Throwing hammer with dual-wield speed and enough throw cost reduction is really funny. The bad thing about barbs in pvp, it seems to me, is that we lack a 'X seconds of immunity'...
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    Echoing Fury - Fear - useful or just annoying?

    With a cold damage SoJ and a non-elemental attack, I find it to be more useful than annoying. Uber Maghda running into a corner? Get behind her and start bashing away so she'll move and I can go back to whirlwinding her. DH has a stack of 6 Spike Traps a few feet that way? Same thing, scare the...
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    Pvp in d3

    The only people that called this a glitch in D2 last time I pvped were people who couldn't manage one of the many, many ways to deal with it. Even necros using Revives could be knocked out of their stacks and killed (or just killed - depends on the skill used). NvN is still more complicated than...
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    Diablo 3 - Dueling Video

    I mean the general "D3 sux!" type complaints. Legitimate gripes about specific PvP issues I'm perfectly fine with. XD
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    Increased Critical hit Damage

    That's incorrect. The correct totals are, I think, more like this: 100% Each Weapon 100% Each Emerald 100% Amulet 50% Each ring 50% Belt (The Witching Hour only) 50% Gloves 50% from the Endless Path set bonus. I might or might not be missing some mods that are on low-level legendaries I...
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    Diablo 3 - Dueling Video

    Shouldn't half of this thread have been merged into 'd3 complaints' instead of moved to this subforum? I'm kinda curious about pvp, interesting to see videos of it. Not sure I want to touch the PTR though as I have only 3 more plvls to go before my barb hits plvl 100. Though admittedly those...
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    Diablo 3 Complaints

    The cool thing about languages is that they're essentially democratic. You call it a build and enough other people call it a build, and guess what? Eventually a dictionary company publishes the word with the definition many people seem to be using. Even that doesn't make pigs fly, though; if two...
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    Back from a 6 month hiatus, have a few questions

    1) Depends on the real dps and ticks per second you're doing with ww+sprint. With decent dps or low ticks per second, Life Steal is certainly a viable alternative. At high dps, it is far more powerful than LoH in most situations. 2) It is still worth using in the right situation, but fury is...
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    Does immortal king's full set (Except weapon) worth using?

    For whirlwind/sprint, what you actually want to look at is the expandable 'tDPS and Life gained per second' stuff on the bottom right of the character sheet; this stuff all assumes you're hitting a monster with whirlwind and an average of 3.5 tornados (a realistic estimate, I think). The EF...
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    Does immortal king's full set (Except weapon) worth using?

    I kinda disagree with this. It depends on the dagger, the Echoing Fury, and all the other gear you're wearing. Echoing Fury's +.25 aps applies to both main hand and your off hand swings, so it can make up for a good bit of missing crit damage even if you don't use a crit+socket EF. Also, there...