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  1. jhtvman

    Do you use custom hotkeys?

    Re: Do you use custom hotkeys? I've been using the default setup too long to switch now. I also use F9-F12 for skills on characters that use a lot. Always use F8 for town portal.
  2. jhtvman

    WolfBarb build

    Re: WolfBarb build I never went one-handed with my wolfbarb. The insane amount of leech from Feral Rage and other gear, plus the absurdly high amount of life you can get (upward of 7k easily) makes blocking pretty unnecessary. I think I used an EBOTD Glorious Axe on my particular character...
  3. jhtvman

    Things you hate because they're pointless and stupid - D2 EDITION!!

    Re: Things you hate because they're pointless and stupid - D2 EDITION!! 1. Drop rates. It's kind of ridiculous that I can play all the way through norm and only see two or three unique drops the entire time. Considering how useless they are in the later game, you'd think they'd drop more often...
  4. jhtvman

    Does anyone actually play through the game anymore?

    Re: Does anyone actually play through the game anymore? I used to never play through. At the end of the day, I know that I'm going to spend a lot more time tweaking my end-game characters than leveling them up, so I refused to spend points on things that would eventually become worthless, as it...
  5. jhtvman

    How long should a ladder be?

    Re: How long should a ladder be? If I had an account there, I'd vote for 1 1/2 years. I play slow, I like to run multiple projects at the same time, and I don't have a ton of time to play in the first place. I don't care about the rankings at all, and I'd happily switch to NL if it had all the...
  6. jhtvman

    WW vs. FRENZY

    Re: WW vs. FRENZY For my money, you can't beat Frenzy as a pvm melee skill. It's not going to net you the best DPS, but it's still more than powerful enough and it's a lot more fun than all the others, especially with the insanely fast run speed.
  7. jhtvman

    New Ladder Melee Build

    Re: New Ladder Melee Build You can get some of the upper-end gear on a Fury druid much cheaper than you can for a pally, but with both builds you'll struggle against physical immunes. Both Vengeance and Fire Claws/Rabies don't work very well as one point wonders. You could carry a weapon with...
  8. jhtvman

    Ladder reset already?

    Re: Ladder reset already? Not much of a trading community in single player. The only reason I played on in the first place was because of trading. SP is extremely difficult for making high-end pet project characters, which is what I like to do. I'm with those who want a longer ladder...
  9. jhtvman

    I want to kill in one shot.

    Re: I want to kill in one shot. Treachery can go a long way toward making up for that IAS need. I've got a zerker on West NL that rolls with EDeath in a Colossus Sword, and is I believe only one frame from the max IAS for that attack.
  10. jhtvman

    frenzy barb

    Re: frenzy barb Frenzy is a pretty useless pvp skill.
  11. jhtvman

    So... anyone actually got to 99?

    Re: So... anyone actually got to 99? Nope. I got to 93 with a couple of different characters in 1.12, but no higher. Took forever to even get there, so I don't think I could ever be bothered to try and get all the way to 99.
  12. jhtvman

    What merc for Barb?

    Re: What merc for Barb? If you're looking for a little extra speed and/or AR, get yourself an act 1 merc with a Faith bow. Otherwise, odds are an act 2 merc would be your best bet.
  13. jhtvman

    Legit Tyrael's

    Re: Legit Tyrael's Stormlash. Every unique scourge I've ever found has been a Horizon's Tornado.
  14. jhtvman

    Legit Tyrael's

    Re: Legit Tyrael's I've never found a Tyrael's. That, Griffon's, and Stormlash are the uniques I've never managed to find myself.
  15. jhtvman

    Amor advise for frenzy barb for ubers

    Re: Amor advise for frenzy barb for ubers Duress is actually a pretty good option for the Ubers if you can get your resists elsewhere. It's got some nice offensive mods.
  16. jhtvman

    ultimate franzy barb uber gear?

    Re: ultimate franzy barb uber gear? I can't say what the ultimate build is, since that would vary based on whether a person values killing speed or safety more. Personally, I lean more toward the safety side. Here's what I use when I go to UT, and it works very well: -Arreat's socketed with...
  17. jhtvman

    Stacking auras/ curses for frenzybarb

    Re: Stacking auras/ curses for frenzybarb If you want to go aura nuts, get you a Might desert merc with a Pride, and hold Doom and Beast. Also keep a couple of Lawbringer PBs on your switch so that you can decrep things. Personally I don't go for all that. I use a Faith act 1 merc and I hold a...
  18. jhtvman

    Rogues -> Hot or Cold?

    Re: Rogues -> Hot or Cold? For me it depends on whether or not I want corpses. If yes, then fire. If no, then ice.
  19. jhtvman

    Fastest untwinked class builds?

    Re: Fastest untwinked class builds? I've never played a bone necro, so I wouldn't know. I do know, however, from having done it a few times, that a fishy can breeze through norm without much effort. I don't know if it's the fastest, having not played around with every build in the game, but...
  20. jhtvman

    Best Uber Killer?

    Re: Best Uber Killer? You clearly know nothing about barbs then, or you're just not any good at D2. I run a frenzy barb that lays waste to Uber Tristram effortlessly in just a few minutes every time.