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    I have become a lurker Wednesdaily

    Re: I have become a lurker Wednesdaily Is this where semi-ye olde posters come back out of lurking mode?
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    Fury druids will have fun - The new Item Find Thread (Dec 2010) de

    Re: Fury druids will have fun - The new Item Find Thread (Dec 2010) Someone inquired earlier about a use for Windhammer - It might not be the most efficient thing in the world, but a fun build would be a maul bear which uses the twister synergies. Equip two Carrion Winds and presto, stun stuff.
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    F-Key problem.

    Re: F-Key problem. Is there an "fn" key?
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    Happy New Year! & Saturdaily

    Re: Happy New Year! & Saturdaily Very important day for me! I just celebrated my first anniversary with the ladyfriend. Who'da thunk it? D2: I've lost all desire to play. At all. OVG: Maybe some Age of Empires 2. I got a Kindle for Christmas, and that's been taking up most every second of my...
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    Wednesdaily of Wonder

    Re: Wednesdaily of Wonder I wonder how many gallons of straightening shampoo it would take to turn my short n' curlies into locks of love. I wonder why they call it a "fine" when it's always for something negative. I wonder how many Sham-Wows it would take to soak up the ocean (1.48...
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    Reloading maps

    Re: Reloading maps It would help to know perhaps what type of running you're doing.
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    Uncreative Title Saturdaily

    Uncreative Title Saturdaily Afternoon, SPF; and what an afternoon it is. RL: Going to go with the ladyfriend to decorate her grandmother's house. Should be an enjoyable evening. D2: Probably not, but I'm not ruling it out just yet. OVG: AoE2 if I have the time.
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    Fury druids will have fun - The new Item Find Thread (Dec 2010) de

    Re: Fury druids will have fun - The new Item Find Thread (Dec 2010) JDer, that is absolutely RIDICULOUS. U gieb rite? To not be OT: I found my old stashes and characters... including my perfect beta CTA. (well, the BO roll is perfect, and who cares about that other stuff?) I guess that counts...
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    Anyone wanna try make a Spearazon Untwinked in HC?

    Re: Anyone wanna try make a Spearazon Untwinked in HC? <nitpick> The psychic hammersin only made it to slayer! </nitpick>
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    TheReadMenace Wednesdaily

    Re: TheReadMenace Wednesdaily Happy birthday, TRM! RL: Playing a Christmas office party this evening at 6. Getting paid $100 for a 30 minute set.... this is especially nice considering if I didn't get the show, I was going to work 12 hours for about $80, and that would be actual labor. I...
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    What is the hardest act to beat. Opinion Poll

    Re: What is the hardest act to beat. Opinion Poll Without a doubt, Act V takes it for me. Guest monsters are the bane of my existence.
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    Nightmare mode Ancients need help

    Re: Nightmare mode Ancients need help For the record, 1.12 characters do get a free respec if they've done the Hell Den of Evil quest prior to moving into 1.13. They do not receive respec credit for Normal or Nightmare, however.
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    Dunces tuesday

    Re: Dunces tuesday Today's a day, but not a very productive day. RL: Nothing. At least so far. Just been sitting on the couch at my father's house waiting for people to get home. D2: Maybe. I don't actually have a mouse, and playing with the trackpad is a PITA and a half. I have an idea...
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    Moody Mondaily

    Re: Moody Mondaily RL: Got offered 100 bucks to play a 30min set for an office Christmas party Thursday. Woot. D2: Downloaded it for the Mac today, not sure if I'll get any playing done. If I do, it will be late tonight. OVG: Not today
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    Etdlahq Memorial Bar - your shelter from forum crashes

    I should have never clicked on this thread. Every time I end up on wikipedia, I stay there for hours... and hours...
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    Snowy Sundaily

    Re: Snowy Sundaily I LOVE the snow. I'm currently working on a slightly comedic book about culture in the Bible belt, and it's on hold because I just love it so much around Christmas time. I find it nearly impossible to summon the cynicism necessary to write. The lights some rednecks put out...
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    Re: Fridaily A quick update to RL - I played the benefit extremely well (screwed up twice, but they were forgivable because one song wasn't ready, and I told everyone, but it was requested enough to do it anyways. Everyone had a laugh. The other time, I thought I broke the monitor) More...
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    How do you avoid running out of hotkeys for certain builds?

    Re: How do you avoid running out of hotkeys for certain builds? I use F, V, G, H, X, Z (z/x are Battle Command/Orders), D. I've never needed more, even on my more obscure builds. I'm quite good at hitting S + Clicking, though.
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    Re: Fridaily GREAT day ahead. RL: Going to hangout with the ladyfriend 'round 3 or so, then playing a half hour set for a local benefit concert for a woman in need of a heart transplant. Supposed to be a crowd of 200. D2: Maybe late tonight. I have a windy druid in need of some leveling...
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    chaos sanctuary

    Re: chaos sanctuary What mattinm said. Also, a bit of a tip - You don't need to collect the organs and flail in Act III. Just kill the council with the future 99er and level 40 character nearby. Then you can teleport to Meph using the wp and the two characters will be able to pop in. Don't...