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    What Bow to Start With @ norm game lvling

    It depends of the bow and the highest rune. A popular low Edge RW is to make it on a Razor Bow which is level 21 req.
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    best merc for a necro?

    Me too! Me Too! heh I did the same thing as everyone else and went with a might merc with my old necro. But with my new necro I'm trying an act 1 merc equiped with an Edge Bow (the runeword, not the unique Edge bow) and I gotta tell you this thing is just beautiful. My 1st necro had...
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    ES and %dmg goes to Mana

    Exactly what I had in mind now that I know a bit better. Thank you all for the clarifications. Bottom line for my thread :)
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    ES and %dmg goes to Mana

    Exactly what I needed to know. Thank you! However, this means that althougth at a minimal potential, items with DTM are still beneficial to a ES sorcy. Correct? A more precise question that I have about this is: I have 3 different belts (that triggered this whole thread) 1- Nightsmoke...
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    ES and %dmg goes to Mana

    ES and %dmg goes to Mana It's me again with my ES questions heh Well I read a handful of guides, got some PM from a well known poster who will name him/herself if he/she wish to and tryed to read a few relevant post about it but havnen't found any indepth analysis concerning Energy Shield...
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    ES and Max Block

    Thanks everyone who contributed to this thread. Made things abit more clear for me. I have the feeling that my ES/ORB sorcy will do just fine if i'm careful and pay attention to what's going on. Even if that means slowing down the killing spree and reckless teleporting. Also this is the...
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    ES and Max Block

    Yeah maybe I'll end up doing 5 ES - 20 TK after all. Looks like more in line to what everyone keep saying. @Eilo Rytyj You do make an interesting point. I know ES is checked before resistance (bleh) but does it is checked before Defense as well?! If that's the case then I'll just keep...
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    ES and Max Block

    That was a bit harsh :D But I apreciate the input. Following everyone's advice my revised build will be: Cold Tree: 28 pts 20 FO 1 CM 1 Shiver Armor 6 Pre-reqs Fire Tree: 42 Pts 20 FireBolt 20 Fireball 1 Warth 1 FM Lit Tree: 25-30 1 Static Field 10-15 TK (enough to reduce...
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    ES and Max Block

    So you guys saying that ES and Max block DO complement each other nicely, right? If so then I don't know where is that rumor coming from that having both is not very smart. @Nila: Yeah you'r right I forgot to toss in there 1 pt in Fire Mastery. Hopefully with +skills my synergized Fireball...
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    ES and Max Block

    ES and Max Block Hmm I keep hearing that ES and a shield don't work well together.. how is that? Does it has to do with stats points or something? I just don't get it why these two safety feauture won't work together. I play HC so i'm trying to build the safest sorcy possible yet enjoying my...
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    You guys should add Druid's Tornado to the lingering spells PK trick list.

    I also play 90% of the time by myself. 100% untwinked too. The best solo character I have (safest) is my necro (a sumoner customized version of the famous Fishymancer) he is the less item reliant and only really need +skill items to be powerful. The best part is that +skill for necro are...
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    A Guide to Runewords and Your Bow v1.2

    Yeah Harmony is sexy but I just love my Edge Bow for now, until I find a 4 socket elite I guess. Man just gotta love to cast Decoy with Edge and see everything die without lifting a single finger. It's just beautiful against those FrenzyTaur in act 5.
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    A Guide to Runewords and Your Bow v1.2

    Wow great guide for RW on bows. Great Job! I just made an Edge RW on a Razor Bow (my HC zon is lvl 32 atm) and seriously I don't see what other bow could replace this Edge, besides another Edge on a Shadow Bow. Note that I play untwinked and expensive runes will go to my others characters...
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    Evaluate Concept

    Sounds like a Venom / Bone hybrid to me. If I were you I would focus on both maxing the Poison Tree and Bone Spear/Spirit synergies. Even if it means reducing your Golem Mastery. Seriously with all the +skills you'll get with Trangs Set and the extremely easy to find/buy...
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    Allocating stats ponts

    Yeah the wait and see option sounds good for now but I'm already in act 4 NM - and well I feel that I wouldn't mind some more VIT. It was during my crossing on Black Marsh in act 3 when I bumped into a Gloam Boss Pack that fried 3/4 of my life in a couple shot (lightning resist is at 67%...
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    Allocating stats ponts

    Allocating stats ponts Hi all, I only play HC. Therefor I'm having a hard time deciding where to allocate 50 skills points that I had saved and even at my current lvl 57 I still don't know. My choices for stats points are actually pretty reduced. Yet I can't decide. I don't care about...
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    East/HCL: Friends wanted!

    I'm always available for a good co-op *aztaroth My heros: Necro - 55 Barb - 41 Zon - 21 And some others really lowbies
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    Fast necro Uber Tristram run (video)

    Just watched the video. One word: B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L The music kick ***!
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    Summoner vs Diablo

    In case you forgot to get Decrep, there's an even easier way to kill Big D That's what happenned to me, was building up my summoner with skellys and stuff, and totally forgot about Decrep so early in the game. Well you know what, it doesn't matter. I assume you have at least 1 in Amp...
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    BoneFlame vs Homunculus vs DarkForce 4 The Summoner

    I would pick up the Boneflame over Homunculus if BF came with +3 skills and close to 30 resist. Otherwise I'd stick with Homus and stick a Pdiam on it Don't care about %block either way. Darkforce Spawn is an excellent necro shield but inferior (IMO) to both Homus and BF for a summoner...