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  1. Toetag

    Act 1 Bounties

    I've been farming for my Rorg for about a week now off and on. For the last fews days, ive been hitting it a little harder and in that time frame, i've completed about a 120 act1 bounties (probably like 200 total). I know this because of my fragment count. Anyway, early on in the run i got a...
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    PTR questions

    I downloaded the new patch and logged in. The first thing I noticed is that my paragon was cut from around 96 to 53. The second thing I noticed was that my character seems like he is running through molasses and it feels like he's attacking in slow-motion. I play a monk and his run speed and...
  3. Toetag

    ROS pre-load has started

    I changed it to 1000kb/s and its still doing the same thing. The swirling blue thingy has been there for over a day. nothing should take that long.
  4. Toetag

    ROS pre-load has started

    all im getting is the swirling blue thingy. It's been that way for a long time.
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    Why YOU shouldn't pre-order RoS.

    Too late for me. I blindly bought it as soon as I was able to. I'm regretting that decision now. I'm thinking that you're right. Wait a bit to see.
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    Collector's edition help

    Please don't laugh, but I have the D3 collectors edition. I recently installed the D2 and LoD games and I tried getting on I get an error message that says "Unable to properly verify application version". I went to the customer support that it directs me to and there is basically...
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    Diablo 3 Complaints

    Re: Why D3 pales in comparison to D2 Sorry. Old habits die hard. And fixed.
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    Diablo 3 Complaints

    Why D3 pales in comparison to D2 I'm sure it's been whined about countless times, but I need to vent... At its core, the Diablo games are about the loot. There is no better example of this than D2. D1 was good for the time, but D2 blew us away. Like many of you, I played that game until the...
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    Riddle me this ! (loot 2.0, core stats, vanilla items)

    Yes, fantastic post. Getting back to the OP, I too thought it was funny seeing almost every beta tester with uber new gear and rocking vanilla rings, ammys, Mempo's and Witching Hours.
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    I have to vent

    God, I hope you're right. I know I'm not alone with this, so hopefully someone has brought this up and they're doing something about it. Again, i'm probably making more out of it than needed, but it's just so annoying.
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    I have to vent

    Good to know. Thanks!
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    I have to vent

    Please tell me if there is a way to turn this off. Don't flame me, just point me in the right direction. For me and for many others, one bright spot for the Diablo franchise is how fast you kill things. Then grab the loot and go kill something else for the goodies, etc., etc. I remember I...
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    RoS Hardcore: A loss of appeal?

    I honestly believe that when you die, your stash should go with you. I know that sounds a bit extreme, but how hardcore is it when all you have to do is stockpile? I recently started playing self-found HC and I have to say that it has totally reinvented the game for me. I even went to the AH...
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    Logging in

    I click on my D3 icon and the D3 launcher comes up and says "Checking for updates". This happens everytime, but what its doing now is it doesn't progress beyond this point. Is there something wrong with the D3 servers or something?
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    what's the point

    AMEN, Brutha!!!
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    Q2? Not so fast...

    With the announcement of the AH being killed on 3/18/14, it seems logical that the xpac will follow soon after. However, 3/18/14 is exactly 6 months from now. To the day!! Isn't it possible that they just picked a nice round number of 6 months to, in their words, "get our affairs in order"...
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    OMG what has happend to my account ? please help.

    I have a friend that this happened to today. He tried to login to his account from a work computer and it wouldn't let him. He received an email saying that his account was frozen for "unusual activity" and gave him instructions on how to unfreeze it. He followed the instructions...
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    It seems to me that paragon is now more important than ever.
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    1 handers, 2 hander, 1 hander and shield?

    I've recently come into some cash and now I want to hook my guy up with some new gear. My problem is, I'm not sure which direction to go in. Since I hit 60 way back in May, I've been using a 2-hander. I noticed the dps jump and I've stuck with it ever since. But since the patch, some totally...