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    The act 2 mercenaries..

    Also sometimes it will take awhile for the aura to activate as the merc has to "activate" it himself.
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    Running two copies from same IP?

    You can actually use two characters from the same account as long as you don't try to logon to the same character. Also, the two characters cannot be in chat at the same time so one has to be in game while the other gets on. Having two copies of it is also great for rushing yourself. Then you...
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    Zealot gear

    Or honestly, if you can somehow get your hands on a grief you will literally slaughter every monster you encounter. You dont even need godly gear everywhere else, any decent amor and shield will do, but with a grief pb its like a hot knife through butter.
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    help needed. pally build

    Pure FoH: FoH/Holy Fire: V/T Guide: Want something else just check out the guides section.
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    Zealot gear

    Try kingdrylands 1 pt uber smiter gear. He gives a lot of options for running ubers, which while it might not be specific to pure PVM it does have alot of gear options for the less rich.
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    question on baal

    He has more hp than other bosses.
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    Magic Find Trick?

    All they're saying is that the more monsters you kill, the better chance something good drops because there are more monsters dropping items. The faster you kill also would "raise" mf because you would kill more monsters which would equal more drops which then allows for a better chance of...
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    Not really since the majority of people reroll lower RWs such as Spirits and Insights so that they can get perfect, or near perfect stats. Some richer players reroll RWs that use HRs for dueling so they can get perfect stats on their gear. These are the same people who can afford all sup gear...
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    Smiter Question....

    If you are using the 1pt smiter guide than the chances are your smite damage will almost never be more than your zeal damage. Smite damage won't be godly, its just the best skill to use because it hits every time. Its unblockable and thus everytime you hit an uber it will take the 4k damage...
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    About Zealot Weapons

    The Grief +damage adds the damage just like you thought it did which makes it a godly item. Its +damage makes it far superior to any weapon with ED in terms of pure damage calculations. Last Wish is a good choice although it's mods are more geared for ubering with its CB, LT and CTC Fade. imo...
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    Amazon Merc Question.

    Pride works wonders with its concentration. The merc might not kill faster but you will. Reapers toll is pretty good and it has leech on it iirc.
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    Help me pick a build

    PvM Auradin. Just cuz I've never made one.
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    Junk Jewel?

    Unique jewels are not junk jewels. They are facets and perfect -5/5 facets can fetch quite a hefty amount.
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    Atmas amu and freezing arrow

    iirc only the actual arrow will cause ctc's to go off.
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    vortex shields - best drop places ?

    Try to run with zero MF too so the chances of dropping uniques and rares is less and thus the chance of getting a white item such as a vortex is better.
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    Zealot help

    Ladder, Non-Ladder and a Price Range would help us help you as well.
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    MFruns and other Q's

    DONT PUT AN EXTRA SOCKET IN THAT PB (i also dont believe you can). Its perfect with 5os for a grief. The best MF run is Baal because he can drop every item in the game. Maybe try running the pits and Diablo. Too be honest nowadays you won't get many uniques that are worth anything because there...
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    Weapon for CTA

    Also if you're only gonna use it for prebuff you can use an eth weapon which will lessen the requirements of the weapon.
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    Best Bowazon Gear

    Depends on what type of bowazon you'd like to make as there are many variations. Also depends on what your price range is.
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    White weapons = ???

    Ages ago I believe there used to be uber duped "white rings" with like 100% absorb of everything. Depending on what "white" item you get you can get auto-mods like ed such as paladin shields. All socketed items are "grey" unless they are like rares or something like that. Some people just refer...