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    anyone play USEAST non-ladder?

    anyone play USEAST non-ladder? I figure HC non-ladder wouldn't have as many people to play with, which is unfortunate, but I'm wondering if there's as much of a problem with tppk there as in ladder. I'd assume there's less, because presumably most people who use tppk would want to play ladder...
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    Is chicken hack is still ruining HC?

    I dunno if "chicken hack" is something else, but if you're talking about the hack that fires a spell, opens a portal, and instantly hostiles when they get to town so that the spell hits you and kills you, yep, it's still here. Lost a 72 necro earlier today, but mainly because I'm stuborn and...
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    tppk variant?

    tppk variant? Earlier today I was doing NM baal runs by myself. I decided to make an open game in hopes that people would join and I'd get better drops. An 80 something sorc enters the game, but I'm stuborn and stayed in even though it was obvious she was a tppker. Figured I'd see how far I...
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    RIP: Our Fallen Friends

    HC Death Certificate: Character Name: Cheeeeeese Character Level: 72 Character Class: Necro Character Build: Summoner Game Difficulty: Nightmare Act: 5 Corpse looted: No Death type: PvP Was baaling by myself in NM when a 80 something sorc enters the game. Being stuborn, I figure it's a tppker...
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    Returning After . . . Six Years

    I just started playing again on USEAST ladder, too. I played HC about 4-5 years ago (but never posted on these forums and don't even remember my account name), and then started again late last year. I got a new computer and got hooked on WoW, but got over paying $15 a month, so I'm back with d2...
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    Predictions on ladder reset

    I don't understand why Blizzard can't just reset the ladder without coming out with a new patch. Seems like it should be as simple as some admin pushing a giant reset button, so why not?
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    can a titan's be socketed?

    can a titan's be socketed? I think I've seen people say they've um'd (or socketed with something else) their Titan's, but when I try to socket it in act5 it won't let me. Do you get it socketed by using the cube? And if so, what's the ingredients? thanks!
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    lag question

    Is it possible to switch between 2D and 3D after it's been installed?
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    The Deadly Assassination Squad

    Anyone have suggestions for what kind of assassin I should make? I've never played one before, so when I started looking through the guides I just found myself confused because I can't picture what any of the skills are/do. I'd like to play something that compliments the rest of the group...
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    The Deadly Assassination Squad

    8pm on Wednesday works for me, I think. Add * to your friends list and give me a shout on Wed. Might only be able to play an hour, since Lost is on at 9 (!), but we can discuss on Wednesday of course.
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    skellimage/pnova hybrid -- will this work?

    skellimage/pnova hybrid -- will this work? I just started building a new necro, and was wondering if anyone had built something like this and could tell me how effective it was (if at all). I haven't gotten very far into it, but here's my planned skills: 20 RSM 20 SM 20 P.nova 20 P.explosion...
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    The Deadly Assassination Squad

    I've actually never played an assassin, but this sounds goofy and fun so I'll give it a shot. Not sure what type of build yet, because I've never leveled one past 4 or whatever, but I'll take a look at the guides today and pick something. I'll check these boards again later today to see if we've...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Potty Mouth by Ugly Duckling
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    To end all PK non PK-debates

    I can get away with browsing these forums at work, but sadly don't think I can get away with watching an entire episode of South Park. Sounds f'ing hilarious though, can't wait to watch it later tonight.
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    Naming a char....

    Being slain by paprika would be frustrating indeed! Maybe I'll make a pk soon: xxx was slain by a_bunny.
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    HCL East Players Wanted! New or Old

    My schedule is a bit shakey right now, but I'd probably be able to play during the day on Sat/Sun, and also after 7pm during the week.
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    any decent, fun, survivable characters?

    e Yeah, seriously. If something is putting lots of hurt on you very quickly (i.e., one hit got 3/4 of your life bar and another hit is in your immediate future) and you don't have lots invested in the game (like you're not almost finished with a tough quest), save/quit is always a good option...
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    HCL East Players Wanted! New or Old

    I'd certainly be interested, and if this actually happens I'd like to play a skellimancer (don't need twinking for that). Can't promise that I'll be horribly active, though, until around Thanksgiving when I am done working full-time. (I'm going back to school after that, so I'll have lots of...
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    Naming a char....

    I love naming my characters. I'm using all of my characters names as ways to promote animal rights, like I started a Druid the other day and named him StopAnimalTests (google it:azn:), but then deleted him because I didn't want to play a druid. But I love the name so much I might just remake him...
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    where to level/MF in early nightmare?

    OK, so I took the advice of just finding normal Baal games and banging out a bunch of those to level up, and uh yeah, it worked ridiculously well. Did them up until like level 46 and now nightmare is a joke. Like seriously, nightmare is ridiculously easy. So thanks whoever suggested that :)