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    List of spells that disappear when you town/hostile?

    i had 85 thrower(all stats in dex) with 2 perf eth ghost glaives, forti, 120/45 helm, inventory full of 10+ max grands and 3+ max smalls, might merc with lvl 20 conc pride, own enchant from obedience. Dmg was around 35k. So with sorc enchant or pala auras i think 40k not impossible
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    List of spells that disappear when you town/hostile?

    Double throw barb can have over 40k dmg but max 3-4 hit and most players have 75% block and good dmg reduce so its not really problem in hell unless your weak sorc, necro or bowa. In nm baals in it can be very dangerous pk. Throwing spears can also been glitched with str bug so you dont even see...
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    Failed Insight

    My friend made nice "ber ist ber mal infinity" i lol'd.
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    Games that made you cry

    D2 when my hc character died :(
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    Is alcohol addictive?

    I really like beer taste and it give me relaxing good feeling. Dunno about after 10 years havent thinked that far.
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    Is alcohol addictive?

    Well i drink 2-3 beers every day after work. more if tired. and normally 12 pack on friday and saturday before going to bar. sunday is hangover day and usually not drink. so maybe little addictive i say.
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    Asia classic hc ftw.
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    Dumbest thing you've seen in HC

    I was playing with my sorceress in classic cs run. There was only diablo left and IM'ed barb runs there and whirls dia. Barb died ofc and was very upset. I went to nm cow game to pk (classic too) with my 55lvl barb (2h axer). I made tp on entrance of blood moor and shouted "My tp bo". Some...
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    conversion/thorns pked =S

    Pwned. Anyways it dont work anymore. 1.09 was last patch for thorns pking.
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    Best finds this Ladder Season

    Ohm from stash in ancient tunnels at very beginning of ladder. Died little later without having it muled though.
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    I Lol'd I save/exited with 3hp from nm anients with 94 druid last season when I was drunk rushing friend, but havent lost any high chars to alcohol yet.
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    new to HC, need best class to pk a pker

    Most tppkers use chicken. When you hostile them their chicken send them to town or when their life go lower than 50% or something they quit game. Nearly all tppkers dont duel. Because tppk character is built to kill, not to survive. You cant really kill those tppkers unless you use tppk...
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    Europe HCL: Players wanted

    Hi you should join channel op eupk there is lots of nice ppl who will gladly help beginners with baal runs, rushes and such things. -Regards KlausPoppe lvl93 druid :)
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    Population Control Sorc

    sojs , umes lament , twitch and so on :P bone snap baba lvl 9 was funny too
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    Hardcore Necromancer?

    you will need summon resist too. not maxed but high enough.
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    Population Control Sorc

    well yeah i used to have ib sorc pker lvl 17 in classic but that was back in .09 when there was all gosu pre lod uniqs to use :smiley:
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    Population Control Sorc

    any char with 5k enchant > you edit: and ice bolt suck damage low level.
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    Feed the addiction

    pizza pekoni juusto ? kebab mang good
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    Free EUHCL

    keke yuo giev soj !? ^_______^
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    tppk is natural part of the game and ppl who do it are bored of killing mephisto and baal 843597832097 times. anyways tppk is not anything to be afraid... just noobs get slained by it.