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    The quest for level 99- progress thread

    You mean "your"... /grammar nazi @Ninja: It's been established that 1) You hacked your necro, and rather poorly at that 2) You still own a character editor, as evidenced in the link above 3) You hacked a barb to level 69 (again, rather poorly) Furthermore, your hacked test barb had...
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    OT: StarCraft II

    Announcement was made over a month ago, but I don't expect to see the game to be out for at least another 2 years. Hopefully it won't go the way of Starcraft Ghost or Warcraft: Lord of the Clans.
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    Top of the World, Ma - PvP Tournament

    Not installed yet on this computer, but I'll work on that for tomorrow if we can't get anything going tonight.
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    Top of the World, Ma - PvP Tournament

    Would anyone be kind enough to host a game for me and Gabe to duel in about 30 mins? Gabe can't host, and apparently I can't either at my new apartment.
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    Smite/Charge PvP - Need suggestions.

    Vex + Gul for an eth bugged Grief is a cheap price IMO. The damage difference between an eth 1.07 zerker and a plain zerker is about the difference between a top end Grief and a bottom end Grief. I think most serious PvP'ers would shell out Vex + Gul to ensure a high damage roll, considering...
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    Smite/Charge PvP - Need suggestions.

    No teleport on a smiter dooms you against bone necros, hammers, windys, and to a lesser extent WW barbs. Still at a disadvantage with Enigma, but it's not quite as hopeless.
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    Smite/Charge PvP - Need suggestions.

    Max Smite, Fanaticism, Holy Shield, Charge. Get one point wonders like Meditation / Zeal / Salvation / Vigor, then everything else into Might for the Charge synergy. Use as many combat skillers with 20+ life as you have, then fill the rest of the slots with 15-20 life SC's, preferably with...
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    Ethereal Cube Bug

    It's worth noting that the number of sockets won't appear with equal probability. Essentially when you use to cube recipe to socket anything, it rolls 1 through 6 (with equal probability, presumably) regardless of the max number of sockets possible. If the random roll exceeds the max number of...
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    What new RW do you want?

    Made in 4 socket armors: 'ZodZodZodZod' Cannot Be Slain Indestructible
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    Top of the World, Ma - PvP Tournament

    If the USA guys catch me online, just send me a PM or post here for a duel.
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    Teleport - FCR or FHR?

    If you play with a merc, you shouldn't get hit at all while constantly teleporting except by piercing attacks (gloams, viper spears). That said, FCR only comes from pieces of gear whereas FHR can be attained with sockets and charms. I'd focus on FCR with your equipment choices then use...
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    "spare" hammerdin points

    I've found that it's really overkill to have non-lightning resists over 75. Redemption flashing and Cleansing takes care of Achmel's poison, and with good positioning the merc ends up tanking all the other elemental damage (which is why I like GA on the merc rather than the hammerdin).
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    Poor Zeal AR

    LCS doesn't account for monsters' blocking, which IIRC ranges from ~20%-50% depending on the monster. Chance to block is independent of clvl/mlvl, which explains the lowered hit rate vs. monsters even when using a high level character in Normal mode. FYI, dexterity is the worst way to increase...
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    The quest for level 99- progress thread

    I'm inclined to agree with Toppo. C'mon guys...anyone who really believes that has to be illiterate and unable to read a tooltip, and he's obviously not illiterate. That and the fact that he didn't even try to fabricate a believable character with believable stats should be setting off...
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    Top of the World, Ma - PvP Tournament

    USA bracket is looking a little empty, so I'll throw my hat into the ring. Rawr. GB & EU Thyiad deaddave Sint Denton San nex Schmaleop sequana Naab CANADA and USA Gabriel74 Zhao CRG *Darkoooo kabal AUSTRALIA & ASIA Znerol DM *pwangsta Drystan
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    Possible to 99 off Pindle?

    300,000 is for P1, but even on P8 it'd take ~3 times as long time-wise as Baal.
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    Possible to 99 off Pindle?

    I get about 3k for p8 Pindle at 98 as opposed to 75-80k per Baal run. Even with a poor Baal run time of 10 minutes, it's still better experience per time than Pindle.
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    More light Javazon help needed

    Charge has a minimum range, and if you cast the decoy/valk right in front of the pack, you take the high damage charge out of the equation. LF should kill all the zombies well before they can hack through even a base level decoy if they can't charge, so a level 17 valk is more than enough. For...
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    Semi-OT: Back again

    Semi-OT: Back again So yeah, I haven't been around for about 3 months now. Long story short, computer got stolen sometime over the course of spring break, causing me to lose most of everything on it. Luckily I had email backups to myself every few weeks and had one from early March so not too...
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    Optimal Melee Baal Runner Research

    Movement speed makes a fairly substantial difference for short range characters, particularly for the random monsters in the keep and the first 2 waves where you have to chase down monsters that tend to scatter and run. Whereas a wolfbarb has Feral Rage + Increased Speed up by default, a...