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    finding high runes

    i've found everything but cham, hundreds of thousands of .09 cow games and you'll see just about anything (didn't find a zod till 1.10 though)
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    deadly strike and vengeance

    unless the link that leads to a plain white page actually is a website its a pretty crappy hint... all the guides there primarily reference smite and zeal and do not address my primary question of what order is weapon damage calculated in, eg does is start w/ base weapon damage, then +damage...
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    deadly strike and vengeance

    couldn't find a calc for vengeance, all i need to know is the order of ed application and i should be able to do the math myself...
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    deadly strike and vengeance

    Can someone either provide me the damage order for the vengeance skill or do the calculations for me w/ this gear/build. Base skills (+8 from gear assuming highlord's and cta switch) 20 vengeance 1 holy shield 20 resist lightning 20 resist cold 20 conviction 5 resist fire 9 prereqs...
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    deadly strike and vengeance

    also how does offweapon ed such as aura's like might, fanat or pride affect the elemental damage? ed from armor like fortitude? i'm curious asa to the potential of this skill :)
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    deadly strike and vengeance

    deadly strike and vengeance how does deadly strike and teh paladin skill vengeance interact? If i get a deadly strike will it cause proportionately more elemental damage as well? also, vengeance uses the paladin normal attack speed right? so if i have an ebotdz and no other ias and am...
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    "Steel" the lost Runeword?

    I use steel all the time leveling chars up in hc, join a chant game and pick up runes while leveling so you have something to kill with when chant wears off :) works every time! usually can get a stealth also
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    Hardcore Club (USEAST HC L)

    sign up at the website linked on page 2 bojangles
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    Hardcore Club (USEAST HC L)

    this really is a great group of people, if you want some good, safe games with skilled players come and join us!
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    Kilmins V Turnips Challenge

    azazaz with no charms there are weps that will one hit a level 35 barb unless he's max vit/bo for his level..., some of the norm weps have crazy damage ranges at that level
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    Singer Helm - Worth using?

    rare's cant get 6 bo only magic's
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    Help with a newbie HCer

    "It's a shame to hear about your first loss to TPPK, be stong and rebuid, next time avoid public baals (this is in advance to your "omg I got TPPK'ed" post)." FDL
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    Hardcore Club (USEAST HC L)

    acct *rekk_dalton, probably will bring a few friends too :) *arkelos and *rusty_nails
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    Perfect Skulls vs Perfect Gems

    i can (10 chars)
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    Venom Combined With Poison Skills.

    i dont thing rtb was referring to "normal" difficulty i think he meant the end boss of each act as opposed to the ubers. I've never seen them regenerate before.
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    Slain Monsters RIP

    just use regular lightning instead of chain lightning and except for the 1/20 times he's immune to lightning nihl will be dead before he can blow anything up, i usually kill him w/in 2 lightnings sometimes ones shot him after that switch to cl to clear the room
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    another spirit vs hoz question

    whats your block % with spirit and how much dex did you have to pump to max it if 75%
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    Uber Killing dreamer

    in case anyone is curious, zeal works just fine on ubers even with only 15% crushing blow, minions dont tend to get close because of the confuse and the bosses go down pretty quick, did it in a solo game in about 5 min at level 83 with gear above (and some ar charms and demonlimb to boost ar)
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    Uber Killing dreamer

    is there anything other than smiter that can kill these.... a friend said he used a dreamer and it worked well. Dunno how he did it thought.
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    Uber Killing dreamer

    Uber Killing dreamer What is the best skill for a dreamer killing ubers? Would it be charge so all the hits focus on the uber or zeal to attack faster? Using ebotd zerker, fort, 2x dream, highlords wrath, 2x ravenfrost, tgodz, dracs, goreriders unless someone can help me with my gear choice...