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    Matriarch Kelly

    It is great, you play untwink and got 2 soj, I play for 2 months, not yet seen a soj from all my character.... Good luck in MF
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    Pat Cookies

    @Hrus, thank for your suggestion. Ya, now my resist is like **% 90% 90%. So the 30% CR from trag glove will be useful when I found one high MF war traveller. But seem like I have to use the gaurdian angel, if no my resists will be capped at 75%. Well, maybe I just need more training with my...
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    Pat Cookies

    Pat Cookies This is the first time I post a thread about my pat/mat character... His name is Cookies, who use hammer to destroy opponent... Total die 5 times. Once in NM because I dont wish use the reju. The rest death all in today. I finish from HELL mid act 3 to act 5 today. Everything is...
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    Is the D2 trying to tell me something?

    To me, both of them are very good, I have not found them yet... I traded it for my fishymancer. edit: There is a link for ATMA on the sticky, a great program to do lots of stuff. You can copy the readout for the stats of the item...
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    New and Improved Item Find Thread 11-Nov-2006

    Highest rune found from the treasure box...
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    Flayed One's 1000 Hell Andy runs progress thread

    100 Stoneraven 101 CAthan Seal, Gorefoot 102 103 104 Headstrike, Civerb Ward 105 106 Isenhart Horns 107 Homongous, Rite of Passage 108 Stormguild 109 110 111 Sigon Gage 112 Raven Frost 113 Isenhart Case 114 Berserker Headgear 115 116 Cathan Visage, Hellcast 117 ETH Aroic Needle 118 Darkglow...
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    Flayed One's 1000 Hell Andy runs progress thread

    @ Corrupted: To me this are a bit different to elite runner thread. One give target and runs, while this give detail. That is my opinion. Here is my result for Hell Meph with MF227 and P1. 1 rockstopper 2 +2nec circlet 3 String of ears 14% 4 sander, keplie snare, spire of honour 5...
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    The SPF Elite Runners

    Runs in progress: Username: Target: Runs: Finds: Goal: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hepcat Pindleskin 26000 3x Lash,Astreon's,BER 25k / Death's Web Corrupted Pindleskin 13500...
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    Flayed One's 1000 Hell Andy runs progress thread

    Good luck on your find. I guess, I will try 1k Meph run also... We can compare the results...
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    So frustrated

    Last time my fishyzon have some good luck with ancienct. First run I was thinking, I might just go try and see how strong is ancient. And I get easy mod, and my fishyzon kill 2 of them. But eventualyl run out of postion, my merc die and I die. Second run I think they mod spawn with holyfreese...
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    Remember your very first Diablo II character

    My first is necromancer... That time I using bloodgolem + IM. As my golem can leech back the life... hehe Very gay
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    Gear for a Zon

    From my personal experience, I always have to repair my titan when running cows... So it is better to have normal Titan. The rest of the gear seem nice though.
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    Wednesdaily - limited edition

    Happy birthday for YoungDbl RL: Tomorrow has another paper robotic exam. Feel lazy to study.... That is my last Paper in University!!!!! D2: My Hammerdin reach NM Act5. Will try windruid when he pat... Will see which is more powerful... :) edit: Actually I have one question. Why is shadow...
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    Hammerdin advice

    thank Denton and nebux for the tips, I guess I just need to find one HoZ for my cookies (his name). Currently using rhyme. Will try both teleport and charge method, see which one works well... Cant imagine those archer pack with XX mod in hell.... 3 hits = die?
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    Hammerdin advice

    I just started my first Hammerdin(for fun and MF), now reaching NM act2. I actually have problem to aim, especially those range... I tried to run to them, but I nearly die before I can position my self correctly to shoot the hammer... I wonder how you guys kill those range minion?
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    OT: Durf gets blamed again

    lol, congratulation!!! I am sure we all wont blame you this time...
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    Monday started with sorrow, hope it's a good one for you i

    Here is monday 10am. There is one exam paper in 3 hours time. Wish myself goodluck.:sunny: edit: After exam, I for sure will play my first/new hammerdin:flip:
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    Titan's Revenge

    I found my own titan revenge from NM meph by my sorc. I feel that there are too much thing that HELL meph can drop, that why NM meph is the best place to hunt titan revenge. Also as ppl usually said you wont get the item you want if you MF for that item... I agree...
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    Item Find Thread (FrostBurn's own Meph run Thread) 24/09/2006 der=

    @zarirazz, I think freezealot is very stronge with the stormlash...
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    Item Find Thread (FrostBurn's own Meph run Thread) 24/09/2006 der=

    @aitrus: I like Enigma... Btw, finally meph gave me something.... The Reaper's Toll Thresher Two-Hand Damage: 39 to 463 Durability: 55 of 65 Required Dexterity: 89 Required Strength: 114 Required Level: 75 Polearm Class - Fast Attack Speed Unidentified Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion Item...