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  1. ThomasJ

    I am enjoying the patch, how about you?

    Enjoying HC a lot. Just hit paragon 15 recently.
  2. ThomasJ

    So , stopped playing D3 January 2013 , what can I expect .

    Legendary drop rates are higher but it doesn't mean all the legendary items are good. You want to farm torment for the better legendary items.
  3. ThomasJ

    Is MF a curse now?

    Why would anyone farm white items, we get them all the time now..
  4. ThomasJ

    IncGamers Official Diablo 3 Clan and Community

    I like clans. It makes the game more social and enjoyable to play.
  5. ThomasJ

    IncGamers Official Diablo 3 Clan and Community

    Sent an invite, playing on US server.
  6. ThomasJ

    Who is playing this game?

    Played the console version for a bit but was highly disappointed with the level of difficulty so now I just started a hardcore barbarian on the pc.
  7. ThomasJ

    Blizzard using The Seven Deadly Sins theme ?

    Not sure where Sloth, Envy and Pride step in yet but I'm sure there is a good chance we will find out soon in the expansions. Lust - Cydaea Gluttony - Ghom Greed - Covetous Shen Sloth - ? Wrath - Imperius Envy - ? Pride - ?
  8. ThomasJ

    Hello console version and goodbye pc version

    Bought the Xbox 360 version the other day and I'm pretty hooked on D3 again. The game should have been like this from the start. Started with a Monk. So far it has been pretty awesome. Hopefully the expansion for the pc and console release at the same time.
  9. ThomasJ

    Its official, no offline mode since AH's are closing

    This game needs a guild feature built into Battle.Net for more social experiences.
  10. ThomasJ

    Diablo III Gold & RMAH Shutting Down

    Good riddance! Diablo is about finding the best items not buying the best items.
  11. ThomasJ

    Diablo 3 Podcast #110: Diablo 3 Console Loot 1.5 Debate

    I hope so. That would make the game so much better and possibly bring back people who left.
  12. ThomasJ

    Diablo 3 Podcast #110: Diablo 3 Console Loot 1.5 Debate

    It is definitely a problem that developers steer to far into the whole casual friendly method. It completely sucks the life out of games for the long term in my opinion.
  13. ThomasJ

    Is Self Found mode in HC worth it ?

    So far I reached a level 51 barbarian in HC self found. Magic find is awfully tough to find making good items drops that much harder to find. I do like the self gratification I get when I do find a good item but that does not happen very often. I love a good challenge but it seems it can be...
  14. ThomasJ

    What was D2's subtle formula for replayability?

    The formula was no AH which made items a lot harder to come by. The thrill of the hunt for good items was alive and well. Millions logged in everyday to see what new items they can find not buy like today.
  15. ThomasJ

    Blizzard Supplies Diablo 3 Transmogrify Details

    Transmog only works for social games. D3 is still first and foremost a soloists game. Point being is why should I waste time on transmog gear just to look good for myself ?
  16. ThomasJ

    Blizzard on Future Patch Plans for D3C vs. D3X

    Definitely buying the expansion but I\'m glad they will be fixing up stuff before the expansion.
  17. ThomasJ

    More Details about the Mystic in Reaper of Souls

    If we didn\'t have an auction house would the itemization even be an issue ?
  18. ThomasJ

    Judge Hype\'s Diablo 3 Gamescom Interview Highlights

    They should remove hell mode but make normal/nightmare mode more difficult to complete and ofcourse improve the items in normal/noghtmare mode as well. You would also have to raise the amount of xp in normal/nightmare modes too assuming that you still need to be level 60 for inferno.I see no...
  19. ThomasJ

    ROS: Something is missing..

    I think the game will always be flawed due to the Auction Houses but atleast with Loot 2.0 they seem to be headed in the right direction.
  20. ThomasJ

    All Crusader Active and Passive Skills

    Excited about the class. Looking good so far...