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    Most effective weapon for a holy freeze pally?

    Oh yeah, Black! I totally forgot to mention that. Thanks, WoRG. I haven't read through it in ages, but I believe in my original Frost Zealot guide I mention it as one of my favorite low-cost options. I've definitely beaten the game using it before when playing untwinked. +skills gives Holy...
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    Most effective weapon for a holy freeze pally?

    You want to be delivering that freeze as fast as possible. For something unbeatably cheap and effective - Nords Tenderizer. Horizon's Tornado is also incredible for the additional 20% slow - I only play hardcore, so you can never have monsters slowed enough, I've done it with a Djinn Slayer...
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    So Long and Thanks for All the Fun (going to the Land of Ember)der=

    Re: So Long and Thanks for All the Fun (going to the Land of Ember) All I have to say?... you'll be back. =)
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    Extreme time travel - Anyone have expirience with it?

    1.08 on the realms was the best. The class-specific crafting and Deadly recipes were godlike... so cool and unique.
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    How many peeps do you still think play DII?

    Considering that people have done work that allows me to play my old Commodore 64 games on modern systems, and you have sites like Good Old Games that let you play old PC games properly on modern machines, I don't imagine that that will happen any time soon! =)
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    A couple thousand hours later...

    Congrats! I've been playing since the game came out and have still never had a single one drop, ever, ever.
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    Matriarch Mitsuko - Blade Fury Assassin

    I'm now inspired to make one of these! Thanks for the writeup.
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    Spear of the Gods! - Item Find Thread August 2012

    Re: Spear of the Gods! - Item Find Thread (August 2012) Heh, I guess I'm the only person who says ATMA bug that mofo and make it the most brutalizing hurtstick ever seen in D2? :whistling:
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    How do You Level?

    I never do tournaments or anything, so I generally play to take a build through Hell Baal, then retire them. I don't MF very much at all, so my item wealth, even after years of playing, is minimal. I generally just enjoy playing through the entire game. I'll do every quest for sure, though I...
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    What character have you had the most fun playing?

    1.10+ Frost Zealots. When they first added the cold damage to Holy Freeze and it became a workable skill, I was still in college and had the time to compete on what was then a fresh ladder reset. For hardcore, the safety of holy freeze plus the killing power made it a blast. I've probably...
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    D2 suddenly loads slowly

    Huh. Thanks everyone. You know, I didn't really pay attention as to whether or not my problems started when I upgrade to Windows 7. Considering that I do IT for a living I really should've thought of that. I'll try it out tonight; thanks again for your insight! Maybe I can finally do runs...
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    D2 suddenly loads slowly

    Yes, I'm now running in Windows 7. Is there a known issue with that? I didn't even think of that... maybe set my compatibility mode down?
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    First HC character!

    This is the best advice for an untwinked hardcore assassin I can possible imagine.
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    D2 suddenly loads slowly

    Hmm... I do have those in there for the Runeword mod, but it was never slow before. I'll try removing them though to see if it helps. It's not like I'm constantly creating those runewords or anything.
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    D2 suddenly loads slowly

    Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? The game RUNS completely fine, once it loads. But particularly, when I get to the character select screen, it takes about 10 seconds before I truly pick my character. The game lags and the animations of the characters standing there are insanely...
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    Offline Diablo 2 Information Document

    Yeah, that's what scares me! Without all of the incredible information here I don't know how I'd be able to create the builds I do.
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    Offline Diablo 2 Information Document

    Something like this would be incredible. I know its the internet and nothing ever reeeally goes away, but I've actually started compiling something like this on my own, just in case some important D2 stuff was removed. I can only imagine I'll be playing this game for another 10 years, and...
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    [Guide] Guardian LOLadin max CB/OW/DS Zeal/smiter

    Umm... might I just say... those gloves are AMAZING. Good lord.
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    Need advice for my hardcore scythe-wielding necro

    Ok. So it is any "named" monster. Thats always what I thought, but got mixed up for a sec... I thought maybe there was one specific superunique I needed to target. As far as "all items," if they can drop any set and unique, thats plenty good!
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    Need advice for my hardcore scythe-wielding necro

    Heh, thanks regarding the name. It felt right, since this is the first character I've made in quite some time who I feel has a serious chance of seeing the Deeds screen. Thanks for clarifying about the level 85 area drops. Do the Pits and Ancient Tunnels HAVE a unique monster guaranteed in...