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    Banjo's Banjoey FT/ISO

    Re: Banjo's Banjoey FT/ISO Monarch is gone. I slotted it and got an amazing offer for it + spirit runes on I'll give you the jewel and Bartuc's for 4 pgems.
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    Rare Circlets/Coronets/ Uniques!

    Re: Rare Circlets/Coronets/ Uniques! What kind of currency are you looking for? Pgems? Do you accept crafting runes? No interest in the circlets, but I definitely want that G Angel.
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    Banjo's Banjoey FT/ISO

    Re: Banjo's Banjoey FT/ISO Mordigan: Going to close out a trade on a max ML Crescent Moon soonish, most likely. If you have something else I'm looking for, let me know. Thorecami: 3 is good for all 3 items. Hit me up at *Banjotron in game. Be warned my timings are extremely erratic...
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    Banjo's Banjoey FT/ISO

    Banjo's Banjoey FT/ISO I'm ISO of a few specific things ATM. A Jah rune (offering Fal + Um + lower junk to even it out) Crescent Moon ammy (probably going to have this soon) Zon torch (16+ resist, attributes irrelevant) FT: I have many of the following: 20+ PGem, 20+ Tal, 16 Ral, 11 Ort 4...
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    Unique Items for Perfect Gems

    Re: Unique Items for Perfect Gems I'll bid 6 pgems (reserve) for the 7 ML manald. What's the damage reduced % and life leech % on the String of Ears? And what's the life on the Waterwalk? *Banjotron
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    Rave's New Ladder FT/ISO.

    Re: Rave's New Ladder FT/ISO. Damn. I already got it on And paid like twice as much. Forgot to update my post, sorry. :(
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    Vengeance Help

    Re: Vengeance Help I've made a few avengers. From my understanding, Vengeance ignores off-weapon ED. ED vs demons/undead is always counted as off-weapon ED. So LoH won't pump vengeance's elemental damage. That said, 20% IAS is nice. Also, while it won't boost your vengeance damage, it...
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    Re: Kamikazedin/Martyrdin I actually played a sacrifice-based char once upon a time. My very first D2 character, immediately after launch, used prayer and sacrifice. Yes, prayer. I know. :P The char eventually became useless, but I did learn a fair about about sacrifice. There are a few...
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    B-Star or Azurewrath?

    Re: B-Star or Azurewrath? First thing I'd do is test out the Azurewrath for a few days. The biggest question is, "Does the Sanctuary drive you insane?" If not, lets look at the numbers. I'll assume you're 1 vengeance, 20 auras, and +5 skills. 25+ Conviction (-150) will usually floor...
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    Avenger help

    Re: Avenger help Yeah. You're right, honestly. I think the big difference was that I'm used to starting ladders as a bowazon. I've started with and used bowazons as my primary char for five ladders so far, so I'd like to think I've gotten decent at playing them at any gear level. When I...
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    Rave's New Ladder FT/ISO.

    Re: Rave's New Ladder FT/ISO. I'd really like that mav armor. I've got a fair number of pgems. I read you're not interested in those, but I thought I'd throw that out there, just in case you've changed your mind. I do have runes, mostly lower ones. I have a ton of Tal, Ral, and Ort. I...
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    Lord Melkor's FT List (LADDER)

    Re: Lord Melkor's FT List (LADDER) Edit: Got what I needed. Thanks.
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    Re: Ft/iso Edit: Got the belt 5 pgems ok for the manald 7%? *Banjotron
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    Avenger help

    Avenger help This is going to be one of those, "What am I doing wrong?" posts. To start with, this isn't the first time I've played this character. I made him two ladders ago in almost the exact same form, and he worked pretty well. A lot of my characters are novelty builds which lack the...
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    Sabbas trade List [L]

    Re: Sabbas trade List [L] How about 10 for the crescent moon?
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    Banjo's FT, ISO Griswold Set/High Travs

    Re: Banjo's FT, ISO Griswold Set/High Travs Done. I'm online atm. Ok. Might be a bit, need to get somebody to help me xfer. *Banjotron
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    Banjo's FT, ISO Griswold Set/High Travs

    Re: Banjo's FT, ISO Griswold Set/High Travs I don't, unfortunately. How about um for all of that? I'll throw in a t key. Not that I'm trying to get rid of the piles of T keys I have built up or anything.
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    Socketing already-socketed set items

    Socketing already-socketed set items I was just wondering if this can be done. For instance, could I socket a gris helm to get 3 sockets? Any answer will be appreciated. With <3, Banjo
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    Which character is your favorite?

    Re: Which character is your favorite? I like ducks, myself. It's great when the Abyss Knights expect you to run in and start smashing or shooting them, only to see you waddle into the lava and start quacking as you contentedly swim along. Then one of the Abyss Knights exclaims that he wants...
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    I got scammed 10hrs!!!!

    Re: I got scammed 10hrs!!!! Sounds about right. "drop trade = scam" is pretty much the first and foremost lesson in acquiring a torch. It ain't greed. 99% of the con men IRL do it simply because they can and because they get a kick out of it when they do. I've run with a few guys like...