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  1. Kinky

    Help me make better choices in gear and skills

    Just my 0.02. For starters, get some Life on Hit. It seems to me all of your survivability at the moment comes from mediocre resists/armor (your HP is low even by my standards, and I hate building HP). You have all this attack speed from your daggers, utilize it by getting yourself at least 800...
  2. Kinky

    [Build] Thank build

    Both of your weapons are quite nice for getting through act 3, but as others have mentioned, you need more crit chance. It already seems as if you have enough attack speed, with dual fists weapons and all, so with the amount of LoH you're getting (800) with 3% lifesteal, you have all the...
  3. Kinky

    Monk in 1.05

    I'm not so sure I would still use OwE if it was at 1/2 its current effect. I'm currently getting about 200 @ from OwE, and if that amount were to be halved, I would think beefing up armor and/or lifesteal/loh attributes along with attack speed would be much more desireable. -Kinky
  4. Kinky

    Monk in 1.05

    This. other than OwE, I don't see any reason why any class would itemize for single resists--effectively making those rolls useless in addition to the other myraid of useless rolls you'd already get on 90% of gears. As for placing less emphasis on defensive skills altogether, I'm all in for...
  5. Kinky

    Show off your monk! my setup right now, still not quite satisfied, but I haven't been playing as much as I'd like to (damn you, life!) recommendations? criticisms? -Kinky
  6. Kinky

    A question about life steal.

    Don't take my word for it, as I haven't been following the literature very closely, but from what I've been noticing (I have 3.00% lifesteal), I have been lifestealing from Sweeping Wind cyclones and Mantra of Evasion backlash aoes. I have also heard it works with SSS and some other skills, but...
  7. Kinky

    rolling a monk and need some help

    When I first hit Act 3, I found that I needed: 45k HP 5.5k armor (6.xk armor with Seize the Initiative) 900 resists 500+/- LOH 20% Block @ around 1300? (don't remember) and I was surviving most of the time. The only problem I had was I only had about 12k dps, which made the game absolutely...
  8. Kinky

    Worst/Least used skills

    IMO all 4 mantras are adequate, maybe a few tweaks here or there, but no overhaul is needed as IMO they are not obsolete at higher levels. Healing and almost all of its runes are great for defensive party playing (I use it all the time when group farming act 3). Evasion is undboutedly what makes...
  9. Kinky

    Worst/Least used skills

    SSS but perhaps only until pvp is released, hard to predict at the moment. But as far as pve goes it's just god awful. Exploding Palm was fun but in inferno it just doesn't cut it, especially since there are other aoe-esque skills available. The idea of the skill is attractive enough though...
  10. Kinky

    monk needs help badly

    Going defensive is the best way to clear act2+. I don't think anybody can argue with that. BUT going defensive is also BORING! This is what I personally use (mind you, I die a lot in act 3 and 4, but it does get the job done, and it's a LOT more fun than tanking while doing 8-12k damage per...
  11. Kinky

    getting pounded by elites

    As many people have already mentioned, it's not your build that's flawed, but rather your play style. With those stats you can effectively do act 2 or 3 already solo. All you need to do is find a way to time your skills (or even try new skills) so that you can survive while still maintaining...
  12. Kinky

    Worst Elite Combo EVER

    Molten/Desecrate/Plague/Vortex (any two or three of these would be stupidly annoying enough)+ Fast/Shielding in any small place (AKA 80% of places in act 3). /facepalm I just had to fight a pack of Demonic Tremors with Arcane/Molten/Fast/Vortex. I died 5 times before I just said **** it and...
  13. Kinky

    Thinking of going dual wield

    Personally I go duo-wield with a shield swap off (depending on which act/mob modifiers I run into). Shields have nice modifiers for these kinds of things, but then again, weapons can also have a lot of useful modifiers you may want to have in certain situations. In addition to these stats...
  14. Kinky

    Sorta new Monk

    Pick up Serenity and drop Dashing Strike--especially since you're dying anyways, there is no point in using DS, which is essentially a tank-and-spank skill. FoT/Thunderclap should be all the gap closers you need. And yes, as you get to higher difficulties the standard option is to sacrifice dps...
  15. Kinky

    I am honestly surprised by this (RMAH)

    people pay for porn? -Kinky
  16. Kinky

    Impulse Purchasing and The RMAH

    Given the prices of RMAH right now, I'm not too worried I might blow my next paycheque $100 can't even get me a half a set of gear I can get A3 on farming status with lol We'll see once the market prices stabilize. -Kinky
  17. Kinky

    Any specific resistance to pick for passive skill?

    There have been a few discussions on this topic already, I think I mentioned in one thread that I personally don't think it's the best passive to have taking up one slot, (don't get me wrong, it's an awesome passive--there are just better alternatives) simply because once you get to slowly...
  18. Kinky

    Dashing strike suggestion

    I don't think it's so much a problem for the Monk; the Monk has considerably more survivability granted by his skills alone (tons of healing potential, immunity, dodge etc.), not to mention some pretty heavy CC skills/runes. For example, he has a myriad of slows/knockbacks from his basic...
  19. Kinky

    One with Everything not so hot after all ?

    The OP makes a valid point, to a certain degree, I think. Sacrificing say, up to 80 or 100 resists off any single attribute will not hurt you to the extent that you'll absolutely die. If you for example, have 500 of one particular resist and low 400's or high 300's of all others, it will NOT...
  20. Kinky

    How the Hell do I get to Inferno?

    Exalted Soul and Beacon of Ytar need to go imo, because they are not very efficient passives at all, as both tie directly (as far as survivability is concerned) with attack speed (and therefore, Spirit generation). Passives in this game are great because they grant classes very unique bonuses...