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    Does RoS sales = D3 success? Diablo II 4.2 Million Diablo II : Lord of Destruction expansion 1.2 Million
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    Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Info Leak Datamined

    how is this damaging the game?
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    Reaper of Souls Rumors: Ladders are Coming, Ironborn is Not

    reset every 6 months only gold AH account bound gold ??? profit
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    D3:RoS New info

    Re: D3x New info good. i refuse to play until the ladder is implemented:)
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    How are the Legendary's shown in RoS presentation at all, build changing?

    fixing the items would be so easy all they have to do is add a few affixes(they added cooldown reduction. very good start) and make them OP for example you can reduce the cooldowns by 100% if you pick the right items oh and no more random magic properties on sets and legs because they make the...
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    Reaper of Souls... Diablo 3 Expansion Revealed?

    pic of the enchantress and her shop edit: i mean the witch or whatever she's called:D the woman who upgrades your stuff
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    O/T: Project Titan delayed

    i hope this will speed things up in diabloland:)
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    [Guide] How to Multishot - A Speedfarming DH Guide

    for 1.08 multiplayer this build will be pretty good i think!Ybe!caZZZY you dont need vault because monsters will be busy hitting other people + they pick up the orbs for you
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    Just come back to D2

    until they add ladder(reset every 6 months) story free mode(all wps are open you can jump between acts) better item system D3 remains inferior
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    Key farming builds for DH

    i'm using this:!ZXf!aZYbcb but it's a one hander build. you spamming cluster grandades(hits multiple times so crits a lot = almost infinite discipline) while throwing spike traps not too familiar with the 2 hander high mp builds but...
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    [Guide] How to Multishot - A Speedfarming DH Guide

    i made a short video showing 1H in action
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    Suggestions for my DH

    your dex is too low. replace your shoulders and boots asap buy a fire walkers. they come with 150+ dex and runs speed for cheap
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    [Guide] How to Multishot - A Speedfarming DH Guide

    hatred can be a problem but your hungering arrow is more effective(not only for hatred but for aoe damage) because of the fast attack speed it's not that bad after you get used to it edit: HA more effective with 1H xbow not more effective than multishot:)
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    [Guide] How to Multishot - A Speedfarming DH Guide

    my crit is 53.5%+6(multishot soj) and you missed this part "crits are about the same"
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    [Guide] How to Multishot - A Speedfarming DH Guide

    i tested manti vs rare xbow vs calamity manti(1100dps 2os 80CD) 10 million rare xbow(1400dps 1os) 10 million calamity(1200dps 1os 80CD) 135 million the rare xbow was better than the manticore. crits are about the same but my white hits are much bigger i 1 shot some monsterts with a noncrit...
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    [Guide] How to Multishot - A Speedfarming DH Guide

    i replaced preparation with shuriken cloud because i did a few rund with the suggested build and used it 0 times:P just don't need it shuriken cloud is very good because you dont have to waste hatred to open doors and helps when you surrounded
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    Just played 10+ hours of Torchlight II and..

    looks like 1.0.5 is not coming out this week so i'm playing TL2 for sure. TL1 sucked hard but that game was made in less than a year. i'm pretty sure TL2 will be great