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    Cookie Cutter

    One thing you could also consider is replacing WarTravs with Sandstorm. The 55% FHR from the spirt, 20% from the boots, plus either a 12% GC or 3x5% small charm will give let you reach the very tasty 86% FHR rate. It will really make spamming hammers easy while getting hit by a huge mob.
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    Cookie Cutter

    If you dont need the cold resist, i like Magefist over Trang gloves. Up them at least once for the added defense. And you can up them twice to totally beat out the defense of the trang gloves. The mana regen on the magefist can be nice, but if you need to cold resist stick withe trang gloves...
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    another spirit vs hoz question

    Dont forget the 86% FHR breakpoint! That can be huge when spamming hammers in the middle of a mob. Its going to be hard the reach that with a Hoz. With a spirit and the right gear, you can easily get 86% FHR, 125% FCR, and do over 13k dmg.
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    Debating what to make first Grief or Fort

    Depends on what your current weapon and armor are. I would say probably grief, since it requires 2HR instead of 1HR and odds are the HRs are duped and its best to get them in something to help avoid a passive russtorm. Also the Grief will probably give you the best benifet in general PvM atm.
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    Key dropping

    Must be in Hell.