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    Blizzard on Season 3 Length, No Mortick's Bracer, and more

    Mortick's was one of the few things I was excited about since it made a lot of new builds viable and competitive with Vile Charge. Removing them so abruptly instantly killed all my hype since Barb looked like it was fun to play again. Not even sure I'll bother with S3 now.
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    Boon of the Hoarder Gold Stacks Reduced

    I guess for people who play on a toaster this will be a "boon". I for one will miss the screen being absolutely filled with gold. It was just so...satisfying!
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    Same old build.

    They aren't required per se. You can run the most mismatched build ever and still plow through any non-torment difficulty to your hearts content. Crit chance/Damage IS required if you ever want to push your character to the upper limits (Torment 6, 30+ Greater Rifts). Just the way the game...
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    Need ps3 skill help plz!

    The runes tell you what element they use in the tool tip. For your other questions just google the appropriate subreddit or diablo 3 wiki. EVERYTHING you're asking for is there. Failing that, just check out the class forums here, though they're kind of dead since the subreddits have everything...
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    Diablo 3 Artwork from Blizzcon 2014

    Re-read the article, more like a 10% chance for crafted items to be ancient.
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    Diablo 3 Artwork from Blizzcon 2014

    The barb set would look nice if it weren't for the massive shoulder pads. Luckily there's an artisan that can change that and/or Vanishing Dye.
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    Diablo 3 Artwork from Blizzcon 2014

    From the way its worded you have something like a 1% chance for a crafted leg to roll as ancient quality. Crafting costs will most likely remain as they are now.
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    Diablo 3 Wizard Strategy Videos: Grift 38 Variety

    Really digging the WoF build, seems fun and a bit more engaging than the standard Firebird builds. Watching that video also reminded me how much better Diablo II's soundtrack is compared to D3/RoS.
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    Vote: The Biggest Current Issues with Diablo 3?

    Top 3 for me on the list are: -Legendaries w/o some sort of special property are instant salvage fodder -No trading, my father plays the game and has found 3 Scahefers, 2 of which are awesome, and he doesn't need them at all while I need one and get a horrible roll on the one that I do find...
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    Shrine Proc Broken on Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander?

    It really depends on the weapon. I found a Fury of the Vanished Peak and it made my Lightning Barb much more fun to use (and powerful!) until a kind soul gifted me the other piece of Bul-Kathos' set. It's a shame Daibos still seem to be absolutely terrible for Monks despite being a signature weapon.
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    [Build] 2.1War of the elements:Lightning WW Barb[HC] GR 31 , Rank 5 EU[+Video] Surrounded by fire worshipers

    My favorite Barb build so far! Mine's currently using Bul-Kathos' sword set until I find a decent Thunderfury/Odyn/Fulminator setup. Already got the Hexing pants and just managed to get a level 70 RoG (although its not too good). So far its been awesome, highly recommended. Just got to remember...
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    What skills for 2H Hammer Barb?

    Actually found a Fury of the Vanished Peak, socketed it and instantly went from Struggling in T1 to rampaging through T3. Seismic slam is amazing with this weapon. Only way I'd go back to hammers now is if I found a good Schaefers. Only way I'd dual wield is if I got a decent Bul Kathos sword...
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    BlizzCon 2014 Virtual Tickets on Sale Now

    I gave up on attending Blizzcon long ago due to each wave of tickets being sold out in a matter of minutes.
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    What skills for 2H Hammer Barb?

    Besides the obvious use of HotA, what skills do you find work well with a softcore Hammer barb using 2 handers? I find myself constantly switching out skills because I can't quite find a good fit it seems, especially when it comes to generators: I switch between Bash and Cleave with Lightning...
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    Diablo 3 Double Gold, Double Goblins Week!

    The gold bonus seems to be a bit bugged? I used to get 10-30k stacks of gold regularly in T4, but today in a T5 rift after the patch I was getting 2-5k gold per pickup.
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    The Diablo 3 Stash is Way Too Small...?

    Was thinking the same thing! I have 20 stash tabs in PoE and I love it, well worth the money.
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    Dane Bright - Farming for the Rare Merchant

    Oh and I also found him in the Northern Highlands, haven\'t seen him anywhere else.
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    Dane Bright - Farming for the Rare Merchant

    I\'ve found him once doing bounties and bought a level 5 plan (a fist weapon I think) but wasn\'t aware his inventory refreshed every 15 minutes.
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    Changes to Loot from Bounties and Rifts Incoming

    That is nuts. My first bag ever gave me the Ring of Royal Grandeur and 2 bags later I got Leorics Signet Ring. I get one every 3-5 bags now.
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    Diablo 3 DPS Meter: Essential or the Worst Thing Ever?

    They really should just mimic PoE\'s DPS sheet and show a thorough breakdown per skill either by holding shift when moused over or add an extra tab to look at all the nice numbers. If they\'re worried about bad behavior make that DPS breakdown sheet only visible to the players using the character.