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  1. TTTimo

    Need some opinions.

    Re: Need some opinions. Yes it's a bone nec. They aren't really leftover, I just didn't put them anywhere yet. Without a point in Summon Resist/Fire Golem I'll be done at 99. I probably won't level all the way up to 99 but I'm planning on at least 96.
  2. TTTimo

    Need some opinions.

    Need some opinions. I recently rebuilt my necro for various reasons and got some "leftover" skill points. I was thinking about a point in Summon Resist and a point in Fire Golem. I already got revive and golem mastery. Are these skills worth a skill point?
  3. TTTimo

    Last WW speed bp for zerker axe

    Re: Last WW speed bp for zerker axe You need 34 ias.
  4. TTTimo

    how to kill fc zon

    Re: how to kill fc zon Never had to use more then tgods on any of my chars.
  5. TTTimo

    Pot Arrangement in Belt

    Re: Pot Arrangement in Belt 1. Juvs or Healing 2. Juvs 3. Mana 4. TP
  6. TTTimo

    What to do with 37*451 psn sc?

    Re: What to do with 37*451 psn sc? Townhugging bow ama ofcourse :D
  7. TTTimo

    Dumb things you've done?

    Re: Dumb things you've done? Most recently: Ber Tir Um Mal Lem BA I made a lot of bad runewords :( And sold my torch once.
  8. TTTimo

    Is there any way...

    Is there any way... To get your pw back if you didn't register your email?
  9. TTTimo

    Rare Items Showoff Thread

    Re: Rare Items Showoff Thread I like to stack res :azn:
  10. TTTimo

    How many trist runs does it take?

    Re: How many trist runs does it take? My 1st UT ever I got a 20/19 sorc torch. I've found a 20/19 torch for every class within my first 25 sets. Still haven't found a 20/20 though..
  11. TTTimo

    Do +Skill GC's stack with Equipment skills?

    Re: Do +Skill GC's stack with Equipment skills? nope, there is no way to increase the skill level on an aura granted by an item.
  12. TTTimo

    Hottest D2 character?

    Re: Hottest D2 character? Necromancer.
  13. TTTimo

    Delayed teleport

    Re: Delayed teleport 1. Namelock someone with hammer (left click) 2. Switch to throw (left click) 3. !!! CENTER YOUR MOUSE !!! should be between your characters feet 4. Switch to teleport and tap once (right click) 5. Instantly switch back to hammer + concentration 6. If they get away and...
  14. TTTimo

    Delayed teleport

    Re: Delayed teleport You can do it two ways, first is to lock with an aura, wait till they stopped moving, tele on top of them. Much like unsummon lock on a barb. Second is like telesmiting, lock them with hammer, switch to throw, tap tele and hammer. The second way is more usefull for...
  15. TTTimo

    Terrorising PVM's in Pubs

    Well I like PKing a chaos/baal game every once in a while with my necro. Especially games created by those uptight baalrunners who first tell me to do nothing because it's either pointless or "crashes the game" and then ban me from the channel because I'm leeching in a corner with Ondals :tongue:
  16. TTTimo

    Woohoo! I Finally found it!

    Well it was 95 IAS but did some reading up and it seems like I just wasted a 15/15 jewel ^^ I kinda missed the whole 2fpa not being 2fpa thing.. Don't even now if I hit 3fpa with this claw now :shocked: But it doesn't look like a 4 frame attack to me so I guess I still hit 3fpa, but now I'm...
  17. TTTimo

    Woohoo! I Finally found it!

    Finished ! Edit timer expired but here it is finished :grin: and I don't know if repairs have a static value per durability, but I just paid 7,3k gold for a 7 durability repair. Would be 69k for when it's 100% broken...
  18. TTTimo

    Woohoo! I Finally found it!

    Woohoo! I Finally found it! Ever since I first heard of it I've been looking for this item, and today I finally got it :prop: I'm now looking for a 15AllRes/15IAS jewel to finish it, so feel free to donate it on EuScNL...
  19. TTTimo

    Map Hack.. Why is it still illegal?

    I don't think many people would play this game anymore if it wasn't for the random map generating and drops. IMO, maphack makes the game boring, not the other way around.
  20. TTTimo

    pvp hdin helmet - coa or circlet?

    coa or use a shako jah / ber