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    Season 2 in or out

    Anyone playing S2 on EU? I was planning to play a lot the first weekend and see how far i can get with a new Crusader or Monk. Would be nice to group up. :D
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    Official IncGamers Clans and Community Info

    Hej I requested an invite for EUHardcore Tag: kolybry#2454
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    RoS: How are you Demon Hunters doing?

    Well. Just dced and lost my new DH today. She was just 25h old. Got to the Vault the first time and ripped merely an hour afterwards. I think Greed cursed me or something. Anyway, Off to new adventures... until the next time.
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    HC Players Contact List

    Hej guys. I started recently and just got my DH to 70 and am looking for people to Rift/do bounties. Hit me up kolybry#2454 EU Season usually online in the evenings or on the weekends if uni permits it.
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    Stupid Diablo 2 tips & tricks!

    Re: Stupid Diablo 2 tips & tricks! If your stash, inventory and cube is full and you really want to keep that one item that dropped. You just have to pick it up, so it is on your cursor and hit save exit. the next time you load it still will be in your hand. just learned this while watching a...
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    Searching for Sockets

    Re: Searching for Sockets as long as 4 socs flails go. cant you just take a white flail from normal act 4 or something like that and give it to larzuk and it gets 4 socs instead of five, because i think i read somewhere, that in normal, the amount of maximum sockets is not only determined by...
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    1.14 patch - Thoughts from the SPF

    Re: 1.14 patch - Thoughts from the SPF some new sets pieces and or uniques would be really fun. in my opinion they should increase some of the drop-chances for items like griffon or crown of ages or that caduceus thingy. i am playing d2 for 5 years now and i have never found any of the...
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    Treasure Trove (new item find thread)

    Re: Treasure Trove (new item find thread) @Scion: maybe the game wants you to have an act 3 merc it just dropped a kelpie out of a chest in the catacombs, but besides that really nothing special. that pindle is just too lazy nowadays. i will try some cs-runs with my stormer
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    Mad Mondaily

    Re: Mad Mondaily RL: three more weeks of vacation from university. i finally managed to watch the alice movie and was pleased till the mad hatter had his dance after the fight. i never had such a big wtf feeling for a long time. besides this i liked it. anyone saw it too? i'm pretty sure...
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    (re)Introduction and Matriarch Smoke

    Re: (re)Introduction and Matriarch Smoke Congrats to your Mat and, yes there is a lot of hotkey using along with playing assasins, i learned that when i guided my ninja through hell. i never used constantly so many hotkeys before. with other chars its just buffing in the beginning and then...
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    What do I do with my newfound Zod?

    UPPED ETH RIXOTS FTW ;) My Top3 of Best Uses for Zod 1. Eth Perf Tombreaver 2. Eth 15 ED Thundermaul Botd 3. Any Kicky Eth Rare or Unique
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    Item Find Thread: Beware the Winter [24/Oct/2007]

    Lucky with Pindle the last 250 Runs: Tomb Reaver Cryptic Axe Two-Hand Damage: 116 to 502 Durability: 45 of 65 Required Dexterity: 103 Required Strength: 165 Required Level: 84 Polearm Class - Fastest Attack Speed Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion Item Level: 86 Fingerprint: 0x14365b5a...
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    Introduction and Mat

    Introduction and Mat Well Greetings to all those who are visiting this great forum. I found your community some weeks ago and loved it. So this is me. Zhoul. I started D2 years ago in singleplayer and started several times in b-net, but i got annoyed by this char-expire-thing and stopped...
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    RL: Fall-Vacation (:jig: ) and Sports D2: LvL 64 for my Blizzballer. Glitched Andy Nm and will visit her a couple times ;). Did some Baalruns with my Stormer/Light-Sorc/Bo-Barb-Team. No special drops.
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    mercenaries, the end of an expiriment

    You really should try a barb merc again, but with a different item setup. Mine is equipped like this: Eth Arreats Eth Treachery (Stone works as well) Eth Legend Sword Lawbringer (Mainly for Decrepify; You can change this) He is doing well with my TS-Stormer running CS and AT.
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    Axe you this question

    Which Attack-Skill do you use? Some good Axes are: Death Cleaver (Unique Berserk) Rune Master (Unique Ettin) or The Butchers pupil (upped maybe??)
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    Rare Items Showoff Thread

    Demon Song Knout One Hand Damage: 62 - 172 Durability: 25 of 30 Required Level: 48 Required Strength: 82 Required Dexterity: 73 Fingerprint: 0xabfa4b8a Item Level: 86 Version: Expansion 1.10+ Properties: 377% Enhanced Damage +244 to Attack Rating +6 to Maximum Damage +38 - 78 Fire...
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    RL: Just one of those days. Rain, homework and again rain. D2: maybe. not sure. Collecting hfqs from mules.
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    Rl: Last Week of Holidays :(. Saw Four Rooms with some friends yesterday. D2: Looted 10 Mio with my Goldbarb and found two 29x ED Rares (War Hammer,Cestus) and a really nice Tiara (2 Pala, 27 Str, 18 All) within 10 Minutes.
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    Muling & Reporting: The ATMA/GoMule/Flavie Thread ifra

    Is it possible to open ATMA-Stashs with GoMule? I am thinking about switching to GoMule.