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    Martial Arts Assassin

    Re: Martial Arts Assassin Will try it out, ty
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    Chip question

    Re: Chip question Yes that's true.. And annoying..
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    Chip question

    Re: Chip question I heard that arcane sanctuary and tal Rasha tombs are good for farming chipped gems. But it all depends on luck really.
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    The Disappointments Thread

    Re: The Disappointments Thread Yesterday tried making a chaos for fun... rolled 291% damage out of 290% min.
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    Diablo 2 My character

    Re: Diablo 2 My character Really nice for lvl 20. :D Keep it up
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    need help building a merc

    Re: need help building a merc As far as i know, act 2 merc with insight would be nice. As for gear and which one, just look around the forum for a bit.
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    Martial Arts Assassin

    Martial Arts Assassin Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions for a DTail build? I have worked on her myself for a bit, but somehow i feel like i'm just not finding the right combination...
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    Ur fun chars

    Re: Ur fun chars I find my most fun char my martial arts assassin. I know they're out of style now, but i find it really fun kicking stuff out of monsters. :)
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    So... anyone actually got to 99?

    Re: So... anyone actually got to 99? I've seen a bunch of lvl 99s, but they were mostly paladin bots so i don't think they really count. :P